Popular Science is Weird: Do You Call This a Learning Anchor? !

Popular Science is Weird: Do You Call This a Learning Anchor? !


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Lin Muge has passed from a society where weird creatures and humans coexist peacefully to a period when weird has just recovered.

Full of brain knowledge made him choose to become a popular science up master, to help everyone better understand strange creatures.

“Don’t learn from me, everyone, if you are accidentally caught by the spirit, don’t break away easily, it will blow people’s confidence.”

In the gloomy castle, Lin Muge was very guilty and stretched out his arms to the side with the aggrieved weirdness.

“It’s said that people nowadays have a cup of milk tea a day, and human blood is sweetened and can’t drink more. Why can’t you control yourself?”

In the chaotic graves at night, he took his cellphone and pointed to this blood basin full of cavities, reproaching and speaking with heartache.

His professional and rigorous science popularization made him gain popularity rapidly.

But looking at the ridicule of every video full of barrage, Lin Muge feels helpless.

“I’m really not a weird figure!”

“This is really a serious science video!”

“Everyone remembers one-key triple connection!”

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