Wen Chuxia and fans are gone.

    Lin Huai looked around, how did so many people disappear?

    "...Come on!"

    Qi Jing changed her boarding pass, and when she came over, she saw Lin Huai alone. She looked around and asked, "Where's Brother Summer?"

    Lin Huai frowned, "I lost it."

    Qi Jing was stunned for a moment, then looked at Lin Huai in disbelief: "Lost?"

    Lin Huai didn't expect to lose a big living person. It happened before he got on the plane. He felt that going into the mountain this time was a bit fierce.

    I looked everywhere, but didn't see half of them.

    Qi Jing called Wen Chuxia, but before she could call out, Wen Chuxia called first.

    Qi Jing: "Hey, Chuxia..."

    Wen Chuxia was anxious on the phone, "Did you see Lin Huai, he's lost."

    Qi Jing glanced at Lin Huai who was standing beside her, "...he didn't lose it, he was right next to me, you lost it."

    Wen Chuxia said boldly: "I'm not a fool, how could I lose it? I've gone through the security check, but I don't have an ID card and a boarding pass. tedious."

    At the security check, Wen Chuxia saw the two of them coming over and raised the brim of his hat, "What's the matter with you two, I'm about to be treated as a monkey."

    Lin Huai got angry: "Can you stop running around?"

    Wen Chuxia said: "Don't run? Didn't you run too, leave me there alone!"

    Looking at his complaining eyes, Lin Huai really couldn't say anything to refute, he nodded, "Okay, can I hold you next time?"

    The author has something to say:  It's on the shelves~ Are those familiar little babies still there?

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