After Dressing As a Villain, the Whole Network is Knocking My Cp

After Dressing As a Villain, the Whole Network is Knocking My Cp


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Xia Wenchu ​​has been straight for twenty-four years, but after his death, he entered a BL article in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, he is just a villain.
Sing and forget the words, dance and stretch.
Fans shout every day: The ball is over, Wen Chuxia let go of the captain and leave the group!
Xia Wenchu: OK.
After leaving the group, Wen Chuxia was forced to participate in a men’s team draft.
I wanted to try the salted fish lying down, but the strength didn’t allow it.
In the first episode of the show, the judge guest: “You are a professional.”
After a few rounds of competition, the professional style gradually deviated——
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#Inventory of Wen Chuxia’s CP group#
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Wen Chuxia: “…” What the hell?

After forming a group, Lin Huai found that he had a, and a bend.
He clears obstacles on Weibo every day. Any “Xiayu CP”, “Zero Zero CP”, and “Emperor CP” are all fake!
Lin Huai shouted for himself on the trumpet, and suddenly one day he forgot to switch accounts.
[email protected]林华: “Huaixia” is true!
Netizen: “…”
woc, cooking admits it, got it for real!
Wen Chuxia was shocked: “Are you sick?”
Lin Huai turned into an old dog: “I have love.”
[Fake straight male attack vs real deep cabinet acceptance]

*All professional content is made up.
*No prototype, don’t substitute.
*The most important thing is to have fun, don’t look for logic on me.
*Bingtang produced, it may be sweet, come and try it =3=

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One-sentence introduction: What kind of business do you want to engage in!
Purpose: Everyone must bow their heads in the face of strength, and work hard to realize their dreams.

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