Pirates: Play As Yujiro Fanma and Carry Shirahoshi Away

Pirates: Play As Yujiro Fanma and Carry Shirahoshi Away


158 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 53 days ago


Ditian travels to One Piece, and he can become stronger by playing the role of a muscular man.

Whether it is fighting skills or cultivation talent, he is the number one person in the world.

The physical liberation of tens of thousands of muscles compressed, the bones more than a thousand times harder than the hardest steel, the ghostly back of evil deeds, the recovery rate of flesh and blood rebirth, etc.

One person surrounded the entire Qibuhai, one person surrounded the top, one person invaded the city of advancement, and one person invaded the Holy Land and sat on the Void Throne.

It seems that at the beginning of invincibility, there is no one in the whole world who can fight!

Naval Headquarters: It’s terrible, it’s simply a humanoid monster

Shichibukai: We are surrounded, and when we meet, one will be abolished, two will die and three will surrender

Five Old Stars: Lord Im gave birth to a daughter for him

White Beard: I was punched to death by him

Blackbeard: I am often slapped in the face by him, I am really scared

Princess Baixing: My husband is the most gentle

Di Tian: They are all so weak, I can only eat the fruit of time and go twenty years later to see if these guys have become stronger

Twenty years later, the world has entered the era of ten emperors, one emperor and twelve generals. Have you heard that everyone’s abilities are against the sky?

Playing in the second world, in the world of cutting the red pupil, who still remembers Esthers?


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