Mr.Gu, sweet wife is so warm

Mr.Gu, sweet wife is so warm

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The proposal was withdrawn, and it was almost hidden by the slag boss! Mother was seriously ill and her father kicked her. "You want money? If you can kneel in front of my house for a night, I'll consider lending you the money." besieged on all sides, he is her only way out, and a scar involves the gratitude and resentment of many years ago. The man plans strategies. He wants to remove all obstacles and leave her around. "Now that I have found you, I will never let you out of my palm!" "I'll work hard on my own!" "OK, you're the project leader." "I'm not a related user! There are no hidden rules!" "yes, I'll use you for planning tomorrow." "you're gay!" the man smiled and hugged her waist, "Oh? That's not what you said in bed?"


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