Chapter 81 Touching porcelain!!

Deng Zijun enjoyed the beautiful scenery around him in the morning.

Linda looks delicate, and Sister Xia’s charm remains, which is still heartwarming.

But he did not continue, but after washing, he began his day’s exercise.

The body is the capital of the revolution, especially after fierce battles, he will feel more and more overwhelmed.

After all, the two daughters are not little girls, but veterans who have been in the battlefield for a long time.

Before I could get out, the guests came.

Han Wanming Han Sir came to block the door early in the morning.

Deng Zijun felt helpless, and he probably guessed something.

“Han Sir, it’s not convenient at home, I’ll treat you to tea!”

Han Wanming nodded noncommittally.

The two randomly found a morning tea shop, and Han Wanming couldn’t wait to say after sitting down,

“Deng Shao, don’t make trouble, okay!”

His face was a little depressed, it seemed that last night was uncomfortable.

Deng Zijun asked curiously,

“What, buddy, let people cook it!”

His cold joke, Han Wanming, really didn’t understand.

Last night, the Taoist friend died, which is not a big deal, after all, he has a serious illness.

But last night, the glioma took advantage of the lack of attention of the Asirs, jumped from the sixth floor of the hospital, and died on the spot.

It is estimated that I will have to lose a lot of money this time.

Reporters flocked to the police headquarters, and one by one they were reprimanding the Xiangjiang chapriots.


“Even people who die frequently don’t let go!”

However, they are also eating human blood steamed buns, full of benevolence and morality, in fact, all stomachs are profit.

They are nothing more than making up some specious half-truths to guide public opinion.

Deng Zijun, who was in a good mood, was also silent, and for the first time in his life, he doubted what he had done.

His fingers kept tapping on the table,

“Han Sir, I said that I didn’t take the initiative to cause trouble any time, do you believe it!”

This is true, but he is like a whirlpool, always attracting right and wrong to himself.

Of course, his fucking personality also makes him never stop too much.

Han Wanming nodded, and now he had already listed Deng Zijun as a key target for supervision, and even found a psychological expert to evaluate the person’s psychological motivation.

But no matter how you analyze it, there is only one result.

Deng Zijun is crazy!

However, every time it was not him who was looking for trouble.

Guo Zichen’s death is still in Han Wanming’s heart, but he also has to live.

Deng Zijun thought that one out was one out, ten seconds ago there was a depressed look, ten seconds later, he smiled.

“Roar, then you must not lose money, I have to help him find a good lawyer, is Li Guonong or Huang Renda suitable.”

“It’s still Huang Renda, this old boy will recognize the money!”


Han Wanming sprayed a mouthful of milk tea to the ground, a little hysterical,

“Is this the point, is this the point, I’ll let you do less trouble!”

Deng Zijun immediately got up and apologized to the people around him,

“I’m sorry, this guy of mine just came out of Qingshan Hospital, hug!”

Han Wanming’s rapid breathing, it is estimated that if it weren’t for the fact that people were looking at others, they would have already opened their mouths to curse.

Deng Zijun patted Han Wanming’s shoulder affectionately,

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t my people, I will be honest for a few days!”

After speaking, he walked to the front desk and muttered a few words with the owner of the morning tea shop, and the boss looked at Han Wanming in surprise.

Deng Zijun clasped his hands together, a little pleading.

What the hell is this, Han Wanming is a little confused.

Unexpectedly, in less than five minutes, the boss took a large plastic bag of things and handed them to Deng Zijun.

Deng Zijun charmingly threw a flying kiss at Han Wanming, turned around and left.

Han Wanming was stunned, and finally reacted after more than ten seconds,

“Pounce on the street, Deng Zijun!”

He just wanted to chase him out, but the boss stopped him,

“Alas, man, it’s not okay, your lover packed so many things, you don’t pay for it!”

Lover, pay, Han Wanming’s hand is tight.

Deng Zijun, who lacks morality, did you do this?

When he saw so many strange eyes, Han Wanming really wanted to explain that he was straight, not curved!

Can it be useful!

“How much!”

He said weakly.

The boss calculated it, “Two hundred and seventy-five, it’s better to charge you two hundred!” ”

Han Wanming almost vomited blood, his salary as an inspector was only more than 4,000 Hong Kong paper, and a breakfast cost almost 10% of his monthly income.

He wanted to refuse, but only obediently paid for it.

In everyone’s eyes, Han Wanming left the morning tea shop, but smiled after walking out.

He is a jealous but flexible Asir.

Han Wanming made a call,

“Causeway Bay and that woman named Ah Xia, leave them alone for the time being, focus on Hongxing and the others!”

This is also a compromise, although it is forced to helpless, but it is reasonable.

Deng Zijun held a pile of food and returned to the car with a playful smile.

He played Han Wanming enough, and he didn’t know if Han Wanming understood what he meant, most likely he did.

“Drive quickly, the strip will catch up in a while!”

Health is confused, but I am very happy to see this pocket of food.

In the eyes of their seven siblings, food is the most important thing.

How many times I almost starved to death in the past, and now although I have no worries about food and clothing, I also hate waste the most.

But that’s too much!

The car left the breakfast restaurant, Tian Yangzhi drove wholeheartedly, but he didn’t expect the accident to come again.


His car was rear-ended.

Yangzhi immediately got off the car, and Deng Zijun quickly took out a handful of black stars from his arms, and Yangsheng also took out a weapon from his arms!

“Could it be that the number gang is still unwilling!”

Deng Zijun turned back carefully!

It’s impossible, my premonition is very strong, otherwise I wouldn’t have found Thor at that time.

Looking back, I only heard Tianyangzhi cursing there,

“How did you ride, hit it, how to pay!”

A very aggrieved voice came,

“You still said me, why did you suddenly stop driving!”

Tianyangzhi suppressed his anger and said,

“Isn’t that nonsense, red light! I don’t stop, and I was fined by Asir when I saw you! ”

Phew, Deng Zijun shook his head helplessly.

That’s the way I deal with the community, I’m always afraid.

He got out of the car with a bag of food.

If nothing happens, forget it.

Who let him defraud Han Wanming today with at least two hundred Hong Kong paper, and he was in a good mood.

Deng Zijun didn’t look carefully, and it didn’t matter if he looked at the car,

“Forget it, Yangzhi!”

At this time, suddenly, the girl’s face turned pale and her hands covered her chest,

“It hurts!”

I go, could it be that Xiangjiang touched the porcelain industry in the eighties.

Deng Zijun was angry, isn’t this looking for death…

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