Chapter 80 Things are like God!!

The nine-striped dragon broke out in a cold sweat.

He knew what Deng Shao meant!

He fell into hesitation, one was his own brother in life and death, and the other was his boss.

He is also his own lifesaver.

He didn’t know what to choose.

The logistics center has a component of him, and I originally thought that it would be great to have hundreds of thousands.

But now it’s at least a million.

Now a water wheel is only tens of thousands of yuan, what is the concept of million.

And it’s the right way! It is a respected boss, not a simple antique carving.

Two villains popped up in his mind, one to kill the big eagle, and the other to save the big eagle.

But the consequence of keeping the big eagle is that maybe he will never have another chance, and he does not know what to choose.

Just when the heavens and men were fighting, the phone rang, which was a frightening spirit of the nine-striped dragon.

He immediately picked up the phone,

“Deng Shao, what other instructions!”

“By the way, Big Eagle should go to the inland, I see that he is a little timid, but he is not bad for people, and going inland is more suitable for him, not to mention his Chinese is also good!”

“Thank you Deng Shao!”

The nine-striped dragon said several times in a row, Deng Zijun was a little confused, and said,

“Crazy line!”

After that, I hung up the phone!

The nine-striped dragon leaned on the sofa, his back completely soaked.

He picked up a beer, opened it and drank it in two sips.

This is not enough, looked around, there was not a single jar, immediately roared,

“Get me some beer! Quick-Nima Point! ”

The people below were also drinking, and hurriedly sent it to mention.

I also wanted to ask what happened, but the originally handsome boss’s face was pale.

Sweat had already wet the long hair.

Without waiting to ask, the nine-striped dragon glared,

“Get out!”


Frightened, the horse boy turned around and left.

The nine-striped dragon drank two more in a row before his heart calmed down.

“A big guy is a big guy, playing people in the palm of your hand!”

He sighed.

Deng Shao was too powerful, and he guessed all his thoughts thoroughly.

This is also a lesson for yourself, it seems that there have been some recently!

Just when the battle between heaven and man was the most intense, Deng Shao made a phone call to make himself overjoyed, at least he didn’t have to get entangled.

The stone in the heart also fell to the ground.

This is the magic plan! It’s like God!

Not a single minute is bad, what a character!

If Deng Zijun knew that the Nine-Patterned Dragon thought so, it was estimated that he would be confused.

What a fucking mess this is.

Da Ying and Deng Zijun have no enmity, not to mention that they are a little timid.

Although Deng Zijun was a little dissatisfied, he could also be more considerate.

A straw shoe touches the double red stick of the number gang, and naturally it will be afraid.

Aren’t the rampant pheasants and Da Tian Er also afraid on weekdays.

It’s also human nature.

The big eagle man is not bad, but such a small boldness is not suitable for Deng Zijun’s side, but he is a very sociable person, change a suitable person to use his strength!

How did he know that in the heart of the nine-striped dragon, he was almost sealed as a god.

Deng Zijun doesn’t have that brain, he is not too smart a person.

This side is calming people, the treatment of the disease, the sleep of the sleeping lan.

Deng Zijun was not idle, came to Sister Xia and Linda, and came a hungry tiger against a double wolf!

The fight is fun, even wonderful, comparable to a peerless martial arts masterpiece!

In the end, it was the tiger who was superior, beating the two hungry wolves into falling flowers and flowing water, and the water was turbulent, almost drowning the tiger.

The double wolves finally had no choice but to sing a song with broken chrysanthemums and wounds on the ground to show their respect!

The hungry tiger finally went to sleep satisfied, this day was very wonderful…

Before he went to sleep, he suddenly felt that he had forgotten something, but he really couldn’t remember anything.

Forget it, it’s too tiring to think about it.

But Xie Xian’s side was dejected, although his information had been hidden, but after all, he was also from the rivers and lakes.

He soon learned all this today.

Di Ara didn’t know all this, and although he was a little worried about Deng Zijun, he also knew that it should be fine.

After all, she is not a member of the society, plus she drank a lot of wine tonight, and she fell into a deep sleep.

Xie Xianke couldn’t sleep, the double-flowered red sticks of the number gang all recognized the core, what should he do.

You must know that last time, Deng Zijun had a whole week of soil, but he was directly killed with a stick, and he didn’t leave a chance at all.

He was also quite wronged, and he really didn’t know about this matter at the beginning of today.

While Diara was drinking, he was talking about life with a beautiful eyebrow.

Who knew that Xihua was so crazy, the other party was the prince of Heliansheng, and everyone talked about it and it passed.

If you want to live a decent life, you have to have a little green on your head.

Xie Xian treats the little star, which is commonly known as the coffee position is inferior to him, that is either hit or scolded.

But for this kind of big guy, he did not dare to offend.

What can I do, grab the coffee position, he is not as good as Zhou Tufa, Brother He, his relationship with Zhao Shao Sheng is not as good as Zhou Shifa’s whether to send his daughter-in-law over, but he really can’t convince himself by doing this.

If it was really people getting together in private, he wouldn’t have seen it.

Play their own, no one loses, maybe you can get some good opportunities from the big guys.

If you send it over in person, how can you feel like a turtle gong, if you don’t have children, it’s just that the eldest Xie Li is seven or eight years old.

What a headache!

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