Game Designers: You Don’t Understand Charity

Game Designers: You Don’t Understand Charity


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This is an era of rapid iteration of game technology.

From the red and white machine to the computer, and then to the advent of VR technology, but a generation of time flies.

In a state of abnormal development, the game industry in this world is loyal to technology and ignores content.

A large number of VR games occupy the market, but most of them are based on simulation!

“”Urban Simulator”, “Navigation Simulator”, “Parkour Simulator”, what are these things!”

Senior game designer Yun Feng came across time and became the manager of a game studio on the verge of bankruptcy.

“And it’s all buyout games, isn’t it good for free games?!”

After awakening the system, Yun Feng resolutely started the game manifestation.

“Rainbow Island”, “Dungeon Warrior”, “League of Legends”, “World of Warcraft”……

“Games are not just VR!”

“The buyout game should not be the dividing line between the rich and the poor!”

Bringing endless classic games, Yunfeng and the Fengyun studio he founded will stir up the game world!

“Are you here for charity?”

In awe-filled eyes, a new wave sweeps the globe.

Main characters: Yun Feng, Fang Yun,

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