After 10 Years of Chopping Wood, I Am Invincible

After 10 Years of Chopping Wood, I Am Invincible


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In this world, there are Buddhas, Taos, demons, demons, and martial arts.

The martial arts system came from Buddhism, and there is a saying that all martial arts in the world came from Buddhism.

Meng Xing was a firewood chopping disciple of Zhenwu Sect of Xiuwu Sect.

After Hyundai Meng Xing crossed over, he started the road of system-assisted cultivation.

Since then, Meng Xing has become a god in the martial arts of the world.


Meng Xing met the leader of the Phoenix Fire Sect:

【1. Pretend not to see】

[Second, come forward to flatter, incarnate as a dog licking]

[Third, say to her, “Come here and serve your husband!”]

Meng Xing decisively chose the first option.

The other two are the rhythm of death.


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