World Defying Fierce Young Miss

World Defying Fierce Young Miss

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To save a life, she had to execute every single one of them. Once again, she had to defy the heavens and change her fate to bring about a calamity to the world! To obtain a godly sword, to acquire a godly beast, to cultivate a godly art, and to refine a godly weapon of the world! Whoever dares to bully me dies! Whoever opposes me dies! Destroying my entire family, making it so that you won't even be able to live! In another life, he would be so savage! He was the world's coldest Ninth Master. Anyone who met him on the battlefield was already dead, and he was given the title of 'King of Hell'. "He was supposed to be the most heartless of all, Ninth Prince, but now he has turned into his own eldest senior brother, who is constantly turning into a wolf!" "Junior Martial Sister, I can protect you for the rest of your life!" "Eldest senior brother, I can poison your entire family!" Great! Junior Sister, let's dual cultivate and bring disaster to the world together! " Once the two fiends merged, everyone in the world would tremble!


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