Wilderness Survival 365 Days

Wilderness Survival 365 Days

593 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 71 days ago


Chu Feng was reborn and came to a parallel world to participate in a program that had never appeared in his previous life: Survival in the Wilderness for 365 Days.

Group 1: It’s so hard, we’ve been hungry for four days.

Chu Feng team: Alas~~ I can’t finish the food every day, and it will stink if I leave it for too long.

Group 2: It’s so cold! Our shelter is full of water and air leaks.

Chu Feng Group: If you have time, you can build a wooden house, which is safe and comfortable.

While others were still struggling, Chu Feng had already begun to satisfy his spiritual needs, doing carvings, burning pottery, and researching outdoor packages…


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