Wearing Books and Fake Daughters To Seek Offline

Wearing Books and Fake Daughters To Seek Offline


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The fake daughter in the text is vicious and ugly.

Thinking of the tragic ending of the fake daughter in the original book, Han Xing shivered and asked to be offline.

Han Xingzhen: Give you the mansion, give you the fiance, give you everything.

Real daughter: White lotus! ! !

Han Xingzhen: Don’t persuade brother, grandma don’t stay, I really want to leave.

Real daughter: little green tea! !

Han Xingzhen: Don’t vote, don’t make a debut, really want to be academic.

Real daughter: Versailles! ! !


With a symbol in his left hand and acting in his right hand, Han Xingzhen has become famous in the entertainment industry.

But why is the investor in every drama the mysterious big man, and he only stares at himself every time he visits the class.

Han Xingzhen: I suspect that you are plotting against me.

A certain tycoon approached directly: Be confident and get rid of doubts!

Han Xingzhen: I may not be a human, but you are a real dog.

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