We Are Destined - Let Me Pamper You

We Are Destined - Let Me Pamper You

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"Duh, Fine! What do you want me to do?" Xiu Mei gave up and Feng Jianyu gave a wide mischievous grin. His eyes shining, anticipating for the thing he is about to receive… "I want a kiss" he spurted out. After a good silence of one minute, she scoffed, "pfft… dream on…" "Fine, if you' not giving then I' taking one myself," saying he puckered his lips and leaned forward to kiss her. But she covered his lips with her palms. "W-What? No way. You already took one last night… No more" Hearing her response Feng Jianyu sneered, "You call it a kiss? That was just a small peck. And it was you who broke it… Now finish it where you left. On the night of Xiu Mei’s 16th bday, she came to know the biggest truth of her life. Devastated by the betrayal of her family, she made a decision to take the matter of her life in her own hands and run away from her so-called home. She doesn’t want to take anything that was given to her by this rapacious family. So she only packed her most precious invention, on which she is been working nonstop for the last 4 years. But before leaving, she left a note for them saying, “Since I don’t have an identity I am leaving this place to build one for myself”.Feng Jianyu is a devilishly handsome man, who is powerful, cold and ruthless. He is the current President of the Feng Corporation.His only goal is to take his company to the unachievable heights. But fate had some other plans for both of them. Co-incidentally they met each other.Intrigued by her extraordinary intelligence and talents, he decided to test her and gave her an attractive offer.Finding the offer interesting she accepted it and started working hard on it. In the process of testing her, he unknowingly fell for her.But the tests failed and they both ended up offending each other.After 7 years Xiu Mei is a Genius woman and has designed an unimaginable security system around her house. Nobody knows about her real identity and what her real job is. One day she was forced to live with a handsome man inside her villa for an indefinite period of time. She welcomed him hesitatingly inside her house but to her horror, he is none other than Feng Jianyu. Seeing each other they both remember their past 7 years back. But Feng Jianyu is adamant to know her story, 7 years back and 7 years after. Will she ever trust him and tell her story? What happens to her precious invention? Will their hate relationship be turned in to a love relationship? Will she find out about the big secret of her life?   Original novel By dream_ashdaily update 1 chapter (weekly 10 chapters) (800-1200 words count)Join me on discord https://discord.gg/RudqR3q The cover is edited by me, but the photo belongs to their respective owners.I have no right over this photo.All credits belong to the owner. I' a novice author, my first language is not English neither I' trained in creative writing. There are many grammatical errors in the initial chapters, please ignore my mistakes, it' about the story.


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