Before Ming Ying got the answer, Fu Anyu caught up with Hu Xiuli and asked for the cane back.

    Hu Xiuli also smiled and asked Mingying "are you comfortable?", acting like the real thing, Mingying winked at him, and was about to pretend to be a well-behaved sister and said "you are comfortable" , In the end, before the words were spoken, a few female voices came from out of nowhere, very very soft, but she was still heard:

     "Mr. Fu and the others are like a family of three."

    "Yes, I didn't expect President Fu's fiance to come too."

    "Sister is really cute, and I don't know if President Fu will want such a cute daughter in the future."


    Even though she knew that Hu Xiuli was no longer Fu Anyu's fianc√©, and even helped match her relationship with Fu Anyu, she was still angry, kept a smile on her face, lowered her voice, and said through gritted teeth: "Comfortable Very."

    Hu Xiuli: ? ? ?

    He didn't have a keen sense of hearing, and he didn't hear the whispers of the female employees behind him. At this time, he was very puzzled.

    This little fox was smiling and blinking just now, why did he suddenly turn his face and attack him? Should not be ah.

    In any case, the desire for survival and intuition made Hu Xiuli retreat quickly, away from the little fox and Fu Anyu who were in a state of frizz.

    The black cat gave a "meow" in surprise in his arms, not understanding why he was taken aback.

    The group has now followed the main group halfway, and after walking for about ten minutes, they can see the hot spring area in the villa.

    Ming Ying walked slowly beside Fu Anyu, and from time to time she could hear the excited conversations of the employees, but the content of the conversation had nothing to do with them. melon.

    Ming Ying didn't quite understand what "eating melons" meant, but she thought that the melons in the mountains should be very sweet, so she planned to ask after entering the villa, it is best to get one Come two, put them on ice in the spring water, and eat with Fu Anyu.

    Although they are walking in the mountains, the trees here are far less old than those on Zhuqing Daoguan Mountain, and occasionally there are a few areas that are exposed to the sun.

    Ming Ying heard a few men shouting "run the poison", and then went around the area in a very exaggerated manner, the strange and funny posture attracted a burst of laughter.

    Ming Ying was unknowingly infected by this lively atmosphere, and a kind of happiness she had never experienced in her heart.

    Although she couldn't tell what it felt like, she knew that this was the joy she had never experienced in the royal city for more than 300 years.

    She looked at Fu Anyu subconsciously, and saw that Fu Anyu was also smiling, but she still smiled lightly and restrained. It seemed that as long as an outsider looked at her, she would immediately return to her usual expressionless face.

    Feeling the little fox's gaze, Fu Anyu lowered her head, and the inconspicuous smile on her face suddenly became intense. Even though she was still restrained, Mingying seemed to be coming from the heart.

    She thought the smile was beautiful, so she couldn't help but reached out and touched Fu Anyu's face, but she kept looking around, and when she noticed someone was looking at her, she immediately retracted her hand.


    The steps behind her were just as slippery.

    Ming Ying only felt that she lost her balance, and I was afraid she would fall back, but the next second, the light fragrance of pine wood rushed to her face, Fu Anyu pulled her back into her arms, hurried back, away from steps.

    She was still in shock when she saw Fu Anyu reaching out to her, "Take my hand."

    She took that hand obediently, and held it tightly, for fear that she would accidentally fall again.

    Even if it has just rained and the mountain road is slippery, as a nine-tailed demon, she will not be able to walk well.

    Mingying looked back with lingering fears, and found that Du Yunxin and Chen Yanxuan were following behind, but their hands were loose, Chen Yanxuan was retracting her feet, it looked like she was preparing He rushed over to save her, but after seeing Fu Anyu's successful rescue, he decisively gave up.

    She nodded gratefully to Chen Yanxuan, and when she saw the other party nodded in return, she turned around and continued to climb the mountain.

    Finally walking to the location of the villa, Ming Ying breathed a sigh of relief, but did not let go of the hand holding Fu Anyu.

    The car carrying the luggage was already waiting in the parking lot, and Ming Ying followed Fu Anyu to drag the box.

    The **** box and the small light cyan box were side by side behind them, rolling slowly to follow.

    It takes two hours to drive, and it takes about twenty or thirty minutes to go up the mountain. After they put their luggage in their residence and rest for a while, it is time for lunch.

    Ming Ying was already hungry, she hadn't eaten much for breakfast, and the sequelae of her transformation had not yet passed. She smelled the smell of barbecue wafting from the window, and leaned on the window to look greedily.

    "What do you want for lunch?" Seeing this, Fu Anyu walked up to her and asked.

    "I remember you said that there is hot pot, Malatang, and barbecue here?" Ming Ying asked rhetorically.

    "Well, it depends on what you want to eat." Fu Anyu nodded, "It's all self-service, you can take as much as you want, and you can eat in a place where no one is there."

    "Will it affect you?" Mingying asked. She remembered saying on the Internet that team building activities are also a good opportunity to "scan face". Maybe some people want to "scan face" in front of Fu Anyu at this time. If she goes to a place where no one is in order to eat at ease, wouldn't it make many people less Have the opportunity to "brush your face"?

    "It doesn't matter." Fu Anyu didn't understand why she suddenly asked this, "Even if you don't come, I will go to a place where no one is there to eat."

    Ming Ying didn't know if she was lying to coax her, so she answered dubiously, but she was more or less relieved, "Then let's eat hot pot."

    The hot pot base of Shanzhuang is far less spicy than Du Yunxin's, and there are clear soup pots and tomato pots suitable for people who do not eat spicy food.

    Not long after Mingying's scald healed, Fu Anyu didn't let her eat too spicy food. Thinking that she likes sweet food, she ordered a tomato pot and then took her to choose the ingredients.

    There are too many ingredients, even fish and shrimps that have just been salvaged, and some that Ming Ying has never seen before. She had to choose and ask Fu Anyu.

    They picked a seat where no one would come, heated the pot, and began to enjoy lunch.

    Eating hot pot is very suitable for feeding and interacting, but Mingying entered the villa and saw the quaint house here, and inexplicably thought of the third sister.

    Fu Anyu rolled some mutton into the pot, and was thinking about what sauce to dip the little fox, only to hear Mingying ask: "Actually, I have been thinking, why the third sister is here."

    "The knowledge of this era defines traversal as a random event." Fu Anyu said, "It is said that traversers have also appeared before, but no one knows the principle of traversal, nor how to find the gift. The 'door' through which people from the world came."

    "The location of the 'door' shouldn't be fixed, right?" Ming Ying said, "If the third sister entered the forbidden area where I went, then she should also appear on the streets of the city center. , not here away from the city center."

    She suddenly thought of a terrible thing, was stunned, and hurriedly asked: "Well, if there are still demons entering the forbidden area, or sending criminal demons such as death row prisoners to explore the way, they will Will it be able to be teleported too?!"

    Fu Anyu's movements are still calm, in fact, after guessing that Mingying is a transmigrator, she has already thought about this issue.

    But when she input spiritual power to Mingying's third sister in the hospital, she found that the opponent's strength has also dropped significantly, but the snow fox demon with a little more spiritual power than ordinary demons can only barely Healing for himself, he has no attack ability at all, so he didn't take this problem too seriously.

    "Even if they are sent over, they should be in a weak state for the first period of time." Fu Anyu said, "You were weak at that time, and your spiritual power was completely lost. It's just that you just got hit with no seal."

    Ming Ying's eyes widened.

    Fu Anyu dipped the meat slices in the sauce and put them in the bowl in front of Ming Ying.

    "So, you don't have to worry that the city will be suddenly attacked by the big monsters that pass through." She said, "Every area where people live are guarded by many demon slayers, even if there are big monsters to absorb them. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth, after years of retreat to restore strength, will also be detected at the first time."


    "With a powerful demon slayer like you, I won't worry." After eating, Mingying said with a smile.

    Fu Anyu continued to cook the meat and quail eggs, and asked her by the way, "How do you feel about participating in the team building?"

    Ming Ying recalled and said: "Well... everyone is very lively, and the atmosphere is different from the atmosphere I saw in your company. I quite like this kind of activity. But I feel like An outsider, even if you're not around, I don't know how to join them."

    She took a mouthful of egg dumplings, frowning in thought.

    "Normal, you have never had contact with these people, you are not familiar with them, and you are not familiar with them across the ages." Fu Anyu explained, "They are all aborigines in the human world, living in the human world for 20 years. It's been less than a month since you've been here for 30 years and 30 years. There's still a lot to learn. You don't have to think about how to communicate with them. I'll be by your side these two days. Just remember to have fun ."

    Ming Ying was stunned for a while, then came back to her senses, picked up the freshly cooked crystal shrimp dumplings, and put them in Fu Anyu's bowl.

    "I wanted to say it before, every time you talk a lot, it's like you're flirting with me," she said.

    Fu Anyu was also startled, and asked subconsciously, "Is there any?"

    "Yes~" Ming Ying held her chin with one hand and looked at her with a long tone, "This iceberg of yours is always provocative and unaware, and you pretend to be nonchalant on the surface, very frank ."

    After her successful confession last night, she dared to speak more boldly.

    Fu Anyu raised his eyebrows slightly: "Is this bad?"

    After she finished speaking, she remembered that the little fox likes to read articles like "President Bingshan's Relentless Love", and she frowned again.

    Ming Ying was trying to think "is this good or not", but didn't notice her little expression.

    She can't tell if it's good or not, Fu Anyu is like this now, keeping a little sense of distance is actually quite attractive, at least it can attract her.

    If Fu Anyu is an ascetic Taoist priest, then she is a demagogic demon girl. Mingying especially likes to read stories with such protagonists.

    She naturally likes Fu Anyu like this, but she wants more greedily.

    Ming Ying was hesitating about how to answer when she suddenly felt Fu Anyu's breath approaching, and before she could turn around, she was surrounded by a pair of arms from behind.

    "How about this, my little fox?"

    Fu Anyu's voice sounded beside her ear, she deliberately breathed into her ear, her jet-black hair fell on her neck.

    She was so frightened that she made the fox ears appear on the spot, and her whole body trembled.

    The Taoist broke his precept!

    The author has something to say:  President Fu: You are the ascetic Taoist [indifferent]

    The second update is coming~

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