After the bus started, Ming Ying understood why Fu Anyu asked her to eat less and light breakfast, and also understood the role of the black plastic bag hanging in front of her.


    Fu Anyu noticed her strangeness, turned her head and asked, "What's wrong?"


    Feeling that she was unwilling to tell the truth, Fu Anyu pursed her lips, but did not force her concern, opened the mineral water and let her take a few sips, and said, "Tell me if you feel uncomfortable."

    Ming Ying touched the water stain on the corner of her lips and nodded, and then heard someone ask: "Master, why don't you build a road here?"



    "It's good to cross this road. The road on the other side of the villa is very smooth." The driver said again.

    Although he said so, but Mingying waited for ten minutes, and did not feel that the turbulence was relieved.

    In addition, the seat belt of the seat also restrained her, she finally couldn't bear it anymore, she snuggled on Fu Anyu uncomfortable, and quietly went to hold her hand.

    "Sister, I'm not feeling well..." she said softly.

    Fu Anyu shook it back, then went to fumble for a while in the satchel hanging in front of him, and took out a plum candy wrapped in black and white wrapping paper.

    "Sister peels a candy for you, keep it in your mouth, don't chew it." Fu Anyu said softly while peeling the candy.

    Tuanjian can bring family members. Fu Anyu brought Mingying to the company before, and Mingying called her sister. People present heard or saw their close contact, but they would only think it was her sister. She is acting coquettish to her sister, and her sister is pampering her.

    After all, Fu Anyu's fiancé Hu Xiuli was sitting on the side, and the fact that the two broke up their marriage contract was not made public, so no one would think about the relationship between Fu Anyu and Mingying in other ways.

    Therefore, after Fu Anyu peeled the candy, it was naturally fed into Mingying's mouth.

    Ming Ying tasted it, and it was sweet and sour, like a plum candy. She looked down at the candy wrapper in Fu Anyu's hand, and she was right.

    "Will it be better with plum candy?" she asked with puffed cheeks.

    "It works for me, you can try it first." Fu Anyu said, "If it doesn't work, there are **** candy, dried hawthorn, and fresh orange peel. It's really serious. I also bring motion sickness medicine."

    "You brought so many things?!" Ming Ying was shocked.

    Fu Anyu smiled.

    This is the first time for the little fox to go out in the human world. Of course, she has to prepare all the commonly used items. Otherwise, if the little fox has a headache, the travel will change from enjoyment to suffer.

    After feeding the candy, Fu Anyu loosened the seat belt on Song Mingying's body a little, so as not to let it tighten the little fox's abdomen.

    After another five minutes, the bus finally pulled out of the bumpy road.

    Ming Ying felt much more comfortable, but her head was still a little dizzy, she leaned on Fu Anyu's arm and whispered, "I want to sleep for a while."

    Fu Anyu pressed down the armrest between them, patted her legs, and motioned her to lie down.

    Ming Ying blushed suddenly, looked around, and found that apart from Hu Xiuli, no one had noticed the interaction between them for a while, so she calmed down a little and lay down obediently.

    Seeing that she was lying steady, Fu Anyu raised her hand and pulled the air conditioner blades on top of their heads slightly outwards to prevent the cold wind from blowing directly on the little fox and causing him to catch a cold.

    After doing this, she put her hand on the little fox's shoulder, and was about to look down at the little fox's sleeping face, when she suddenly felt the phone in her pocket vibrate.

    She took out her mobile phone and found that it was news from Hu Xiuli, she couldn't help but glanced at Hu Xiuli's location.

    [Hu Xiuli] is really meticulous (*/ω\*) It seems that you have enlightened, congratulations!

    Fu Anyu returned a series of ellipses, recalling the series of actions she just made, and felt that it was indeed very detailed, but not intimate enough.

    However, before they officially open their relationship, it is really not good for them to be too close outside, and some actions cannot be done for outsiders for the time being.

    The bus has already traveled to the flat area, and it will be able to enter the area of ​​Linlan Villa in about half an hour.

    Fu Anyu didn't plan to look at the scenery, but wanted to do something to pass the time, so he took his mobile phone and downloaded a reading app, and searched for the book that he stopped updating five years ago, starting from the first chapter Start watching.

    She frowned while watching, closed the screen and calmed down for a while, a little bit unable to watch such a **** story, but she felt that her past thoughts were quite interesting and had a certain reference value. , and watch the previous episode again.

    Little Fox has read the entire book, and even tried to discuss with her after reading it, indicating that Little Fox likes the stories she wrote before.

    Then she has to read it carefully.

    The bus finally drove to the foot of the mountain where the villa is located. When she stopped, Mingying, who was half asleep, was gently pushed to wake up. When she opened her eyes, she was still a little dazed. She stretched out subconsciously. His hand suddenly touched something soft and familiar.

    She was startled, followed the touch, and immediately blushed when she saw it clearly, muttered "I'm sorry", quickly retracted her hand, and put it on her lap obediently.

    "Here." Fu Anyu motioned her to look out the window.

    Ming Ying turned her head curiously, and saw a bamboo fence not far away, with green bamboo growing in it, tall and thin, but very straight, and a little further ahead, there was a bluestone pavement At the end of the road is a dark wooden door, and the upper door board is flying and domineering and written with four characters: Linlan Villa.

    "This is the foot of the mountain, and the resort for vacation is halfway up the mountain." Fu Anyu said, "After a while, the luggage will be delivered to it by a special car, and we will walk up the mountain. Of course, if you can't bear it, you can follow the special car. Let's go together."

    "I can do it." Ming Ying shook her head, chewed the plum candy in her mouth, and said in a low voice, "I grew up in the mountains anyway, it's just motion sickness, I just slept After a sleep, the state has fully recovered!"

    Fu Anyu touched her head with a smile, and after getting off the car, he took out two hiking sticks from the storage space of the jade gourd and gave her one, "Let's go, follow the army ."

    The bus drove away, and the group of Shengwei Group began to go up the mountain along the trail.

    It has just rained in the past few days, and the mountain road is relatively slippery. The hired tour guide keeps reminding at the front with a horn.

    Ming Ying disliked the loud horn, so she took the initiative to pull Fu Anyu away from the front, but as soon as she retreated, she retreated to Hu Xiuli and Li Lingmao.

    Li Lingmao is a demon registered with the Administration, so he can show his demon body casually in front of the human race. When one person and one fox came back, Hu Xiuli was holding a black cat in his arms, moving the cat as he walked.

    "Yo, what's the matter?" As soon as he saw them, Hu Xiuli showed a gossip smile, "The little fox seems to be in a bad mood, Mr. Fu, why don't you carry her for a while? "

    Ming Ying was stunned, she felt that her physical and spiritual power had returned to the best state, and she slept well last night, this "sack" is not talking nonsense with her eyes open ?

    She was about to refute, but heard Fu Anyu say: "You are right, Yingying, do you want me to back you?"

    Ming Ying: ? ? ?

    She was stunned by the nickname "Yingying". After she came back to her senses, she didn't think Fu Anyu would talk nonsense with her eyes open. After thinking for a few seconds, she realized that both of them did it on purpose. So he also cooperatively said "um", put away his hiking stick and turned to Fu Anyu.

    Fu Anyu leaned over and squatted down, she squatted up, holding a trekking pole in one hand, and wrapping Fu Anyu's neck with the other.

    "I'll get this." Hu Xiuli took her trekking pole and used it on her own, her footsteps also accelerated, and she disappeared from Mingying's sight after a while.

    Fu Anyu walked forward with Mingying on her back, and along the way, she could feel many employees cast their astonished glances at them, and some high-level executives who had a good relationship with her even asked with a smile.

    "Mr. Fu, do you like your sister so much?"

     "Mr. Fu, we have come out to build a team. Even your family members should exercise well!"

    "Xiao Fu, your sister's face is really bad, you really need to pay more attention to her."

    Ming Ying kept calling her "sister", so almost everyone thought that Ming Ying was her relative.

    Fu Anyu responded casually, began to slow down, and soon hung at the back of the team.

    No one will say anything, after all, she is still carrying a person on her back.

    Only the little fox on her back quietly released its fox ears, and when it was touching her hair, the fluffy fox ears brushed on the back of her neck, itching so much that she wanted to scratch the little fox immediately Move your tail into your arms.

    "Put it away." Fu Anyu whispered.

    "It's alright, I'll release one." Ming Ying whispered next to her ear, but she obediently changed her ears back to human ears, and brought her face closer.

    Whether it is a back or a hug, it is an interactive way to shorten the distance. Although Mingying didn't like Hu Xiuli, she sincerely thanked him for reminding her.

    Traveling and vacationing abroad is a good opportunity to increase her relationship. As long as there is an opportunity, she should seize it.

    Fu Anyu walked very steadily, Mingying was very comfortable lying down, and the thinking environment was also very comfortable, so she looked at the scenery along the way and thought about what to do next.

    First of all, you can't be carried by Fu Anyu all the time. If Fu Anyu's colleagues and subordinates have a bad impression of "Mr. Fu's sister is too squeamish", when Fu Anyu opens up about her relationship, many people will definitely be unconvinced.

    Secondly, she also has to take the initiative to take care of Fu Anyu, at least she must give a signal like "We care about each other".

    So after being carried away by Fu Anyu for a few minutes, Mingying deliberately said softly: "Sister, I'm fine, please let me down."

    Fu Anyu nodded, but did not let go, but stepped forward.

    "Your cane is still with Hu Xiuli." She said, "You have to go back first."

    Ming Ying replied "Okay", and while Fu Anyu was walking quickly, she leaned over to her ear and licked her earlobe.

    She felt Fu Anyu shudder, and then heard Fu Anyu say with a smile, "Wait."


    Wait for what?

    The author has something to say:  Wait for her to rua you at night [dog head]

    The first update, there is another update before twelve o'clock.


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