Fu Anyu understands that now she has no reason to reject the little fox.

    Before she could use the little fox to go home sooner or later as an excuse to suppress her feelings, but now the little fox is homeless and can only stay by her side.


    So she said, "Okay."

    Then, she heard the little fox gnashing its teeth twice, and then felt the whole bed shake slightly.

    The little fox is rolling, it must be too excited.

    Fu Anyu was a little helpless. She had never been in love. Even though she dared to write that kind of tyrant novel five years ago, she knew the difference between fiction and reality.

    How should she react to an ecstatic lover?

    For a moment, Fu Anyu even wanted to open her phone to send a message to Hu Xiuli. After all, that Taoist priest was both gay, wrote about homosexuality, and claimed to have studied homosexuality.

    But then she thought about it, they are all single people, they have only been in love with the help of words, there is nothing to ask.

    all is well.


    But there are still two quilts between them, no matter how tight they are, it is not close contact.

    Fu Anyu took the little fox's quilt straight away, let the warm little body shrink in his arms, and wrapped his quilt over it.

    …and then? What should I do? Go a step further?

    Fu Anyu's mind was calm, but her heartbeat was getting faster and faster. Her hot face made her uncomfortable, but she felt that it was rude to push the little fox away at this time.

    She wanted to say "it's getting late, let's go to bed", but when she spoke, she remembered that they are both spiritual practitioners, even if they don't sleep all night, they can rely on their spiritual power To maintain his mental and physical strength, he closed his mouth and gently kissed the little fox on the forehead.

    She felt that the little fox's forehead was very hot, and so was the whole body that she was holding in her arms.

    Ming Ying was so happy that she felt that she was in the blissful world. She did have the idea of ​​being rejected, but she did not expect that Fu Anyu not only did not reject, but also took the initiative to take away the quilt that was in the way, and kissed her again. got her...

    Although it was just a kiss on the forehead, it seemed to her that it was a kiss, and it was not a big problem. She didn't quite understand why the human race felt that only touching lips would be considered a kiss, but touching lips would make her feel numb too.

    She was dizzy for a long time before thinking that she had to respond, so she raised her head to hold Fu Anyu's face and kissed her on the cheek.

    Ming Ying was so excited that she couldn't hold back her tail, so she entangled Fu Anyu one by two.

    "Don't **** my spiritual power tonight." Fu Anyu said suddenly.

      But before she could swing her tail behind her, Fu Anyu caught all four tails and moved them one by one.

    "Naughty." Fu Anyu said close to her fox ears, and after speaking, she caught the fox tail that was trying to escape, wrapped it around her arm, and moved more vigorously.

    The strange dreams of those nights in the past suddenly appeared in Mingying's mind.

    She always dreamed that she was being held in her arms by Fu Anyu, and then all nine tails were moved by Fu Anyu.

    Now, although there are only four tails, the dream content has been realized ahead of time.

    Ming Ying thought she was going to die tonight, and Fu Anyu was obviously the kind of person who forced abstinence. Treat her in the many ways you would treat a petite wife.

    In the end, Fu Anyu just moved her tail, licked the tip of her ear, and said "good night" to her softly, and then even hugged her tightly, but did not do anything more things.

    Fu Anyu hugged her as usual, and was going to sleep.

    Ming Ying breathed a sigh of relief, but she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

    Although she has no experience in doing that kind of thing, she is willing to learn and cooperate with Fu Anyu.

    ...Ah, what is she thinking, Fu Anyu has no experience in that area, even if they really want something to happen, it's too early, don't embarrass Fu Anyu.

    Ming Ying explained to herself, explaining for a long time, felt that Fu Anyu's heartbeat was still fast, and she should not be sleepy, so she reached out and picked her chin to make trouble with her.

    "Aren't you going to sleep?" Fu Anyu grabbed her hand, pressed it back into the quilt, and pinched her chin, "Do you think this is fun?"

    This action shocked Mingying, thinking that Fu Anyu was going to get close in the next second, and touched her lips, subconsciously covered her mouth, her voice muffled in the palm of her hand: "I sleep, I sleep! "

    After she finished speaking, she obediently closed her eyes and stopped making noise.

    —Or rather, don’t dare to make a fuss.

    She didn't know that Fu Anyu's domineering and calmness just now were faked. The inexperienced President Fu finally succumbed to the novel he wrote back then, and even briefly imitated the iceberg President.

    It's just that she didn't imitate a lot. The president of the iceberg is even wilder and more oily, and she can't imitate it.

    After the little fox slept peacefully in his arms, Fu Anyu thought for a while, and planned to look at his old works and find some inspiration for practice, hoping to satisfy the little fox and not make himself too " Destroy the character".

    She had to look back, what strange things were in her mind five years ago.

    The next morning, Ming Ying woke up first.

    Maybe she was "intimidated" by Fu Anyu last night, but her tails are neatly piled behind her, and every one is very honest.

    Ming Ying looked at Fu Anyu, combined with the love summary she made while watching the drama, and thought that she needed a good morning kiss now, so she leaned over and put a sticker on Fu Anyu's lips.

    It's soft and a little cold, I don't know if it was blown by the cold air of the air conditioner.

    Out of curiosity, Ming Ying posted more, until she heard a slight gasping sound, she turned her face away, and watched Fu Anyu nervously.

    Fu Anyu never imagined that the little fox was so courageous that she dared to kiss her early in the morning!

    But she is not so courageous, and she noticed that the little fox is full of innocent eyes, showing a innocent and harmless expression, as if she really does not understand what she is doing, what is she doing? He was still restrained by the restraint that he had accumulated over the years, but he moved the little fox's head hard and did not bully him back.

    "Now that you're awake, let's get up and wash." She tried hard not to make her voice so stiff, "Pack up, it's time for breakfast."

    Ming Ying saw her embarrassment and was embarrassed to try again, let go of her and ran into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth.

    Fu Anyu carried her on his back and touched his lips with the back of his hand, feeling inexplicably that he was dreaming now.

    She still remembered that when she first caught the little fox, she clearly hated the fox, and the fox was murdering her. She also felt that the fox always caused trouble, but she didn't expect it to reach such a point without knowing it.

    Because the car will take a long time, Du Yunxin is afraid of the little fox's motion sickness, so she specially made a light breakfast.

    When Ming Ying went downstairs, she saw a table of breakfast with no meat and no smell, and the whole fox was stupid.

    Fu Anyu saw her standing on the steps, glanced at the food, pulled her downstairs, and said, "The villa has barbecue, hot pot and malatang, and many others that meet hygiene standards. Breeding mountain delicacy, it’s not a big problem to have breakfast.”

    "But I don't get motion sickness..." Mingying wanted to cry without tears.

    Fu Anyu shook her head, "You have never been on a bus, nor have you experienced long distances, and the road to the villa is bumpy, even me."

    Ming Ying thought about her running out every now and then, and sometimes it would take six or seven hours to go back and forth for talks and projects, so she stopped talking and sat down to have breakfast obediently.

    Du Yunxin also packed a suitcase, Chen Yanxuan had already come by car while eating, so Du Yunxin pushed three suitcases and put them in the car first.

    Ming Ying was eating bean paste buns when she heard Du Yunxin complimenting Chen Yan's new clothes outside.

    The dress seemed to be bought by Du Yunxin specially for Chen Yan. It sounds like she is very satisfied with Xiao Chen's performance in wearing it to the team building.

    The four left after breakfast. Before leaving, Fu Anyu also took Mingying to check all the places where the formations and formations were arranged in the villa.

    "I always thought that these enchantments and formations were used to seal some evil things." When checking, Mingying said, "I didn't expect it to be used for anti-theft."

    "One is anti-theft, and the other is to prevent evil." Fu Anyu explained, "Even if there is my breath here, evil dare not enter the house to make trouble, but if the flowers, plants and trees in the yard are affected by evil, there will be no harm. The law is bearing fruit normally."

    Ming Ying imagined the scene where the flowers, plants and trees in the yard were withering, and frowned unpleasantly. When she passed the barrier in an important area, she also used her spiritual power to draw a circle to reinforce it.

    "You only have four tails now, and you are already as powerful as me." After observing her formation process, Fu Anyu sighed sincerely, "When you have nine tails, you don't know how strong it will be. To what extent."

    Ming Ying lowered her head in embarrassment and hugged her arm.

    "But I'm still my sister's little fox."

    Fu Anyu touched her head, "Okay, little fox, we're going."

    At nine o'clock in the morning, the bus of Shengwei Group drove everyone to Linlan Villa on the outskirts of the city on time.

    In front of outsiders, Ming Ying did not forget to put away her demon body and sat in the front row with Fu Anyu, curiously touching the black plastic bag hanging on the seat.

    “What is this for?” she asked.

    "For passengers with motion sickness." Fu Anyu said, "There is a particularly bumpy section of the road, and most people suffer from motion sickness."

    Ming Ying nodded and turned to look at Hu Xiuli and Li Lingmao who were sitting not far away, wearing Taoist robes.

    "Why are they here too?" She asked in confusion, "Isn't this an internal team building activity of Shengwei Group?"

    "When I located the entrance to the demon world before, I reserved a spot for them just in case, and agreed to follow the car at that time." Fu Anyu whispered, "I planned to cancel it, but Hu Xiuli said he wanted to bring it with him. The cat came out and took a hot spring to practice together, and the place was still reserved."

    She is in a good mood these two days, and doesn't mind giving some assists to the "good brother" who has taken care of her since childhood.

    The author has something to say:  The second update is coming~

    Brother and sister help each other [bushi]

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