The next morning, when Ming Ying woke up from a full sleep, Fu Anyu had already left.

    Ming Ying stretched wantonly, got out of bed and opened the curtains to let the sun shine in.

    She blocked the light with her hand, squinted to check the time, it was exactly nine o'clock, if there was no traffic jam, Fu Anyu should have arrived at the meeting site.

    When Mingying went downstairs to have breakfast, Du Yunxin just finished her housework and slumped on the sofa watching TV series. When she saw her, Du Yunxin immediately closed the screen and stood up.

      When I saw something I shouldn't watch, I didn't open the door and go in."

    "I just slept in my sister's bedroom." Mingying didn't understand what scenes she shouldn't watch while sleeping.

    "Just, for example, you don't wear anything, you sleep like a 'big' character on Mr. Fu's bed." Du Yunxin put the food in the microwave to heat, "Then I enter the door, if I happen to bump into you Wake up, isn't this the scene of the death of a large society!"

    Ming Ying was taken aback for a moment, although she didn't understand the meaning of "social death", but she just imagined this scene, and her face suddenly blushed.

    Du Yunxin turned her head and saw her covering her flushed face and smiled: "Really? So I won't call you again, when will you wake up hungry, come down to eat Just fine."

    Ming Ying nodded obediently and looked curiously at the working microwave oven.

    "This is a microwave oven. If you want to heat something, put it in a plastic bowl or plate, and then put it in and 'ding' it." Du Yunxin introduced to her, "But you have to Don't open the door until it's 'ding', and don't touch its body while it's heating."

    Ming Ying nodded again and pointed to the gas stove, "Can you introduce these things to me?"

    "Of course you can." Du Yunxin agreed, "but you still hurt one hand, you can only use the microwave oven, and I will teach you the other cooking utensils when your hands are ready. how to practice."

    After getting along for a long time, Mingying began to rely on Fu Anyu and the people around her.

    Fu Anyu is a steady and reliable sister, Xiao Du is like a living officer who cares about the trivial matters of life, and Xiao Chen, who doesn't stay at Fu Anyu's house very much, is like a powerful and taciturn loyal guard.

    To Ming Ying, these three are equivalent to her family in the human world.

    After eating a hearty breakfast, Mingying subconsciously wanted to help clean up the bowl, but as soon as she touched the edge of the bowl, she remembered that she broke the bowl yesterday.

    "What's the matter?" Du Yunxin asked when she saw her standing still at the dining table.

    "How does Xiao Du hold the bowl?" Ming Ying decided to ask her, "I always seem to be slippery."

    "Hey, it's not that your hand is slippery, but the way you hold the bowl is not stable enough." Du Yunxin said while showing her an example.

    The two were cleaning up the restaurant when Ming Ying suddenly heard a knock on the door and looked at the door vigilantly.

    Fu Anyu and Xiao Chen are both in Y City, and it is impossible to come back now.

    Who is coming?

    "Xiao Du, did sister say that there will be guests today?" She immediately asked Du Yunxin.

    "Eh? No." Du Yunxin also heard the knock on the door and was stunned, "I have set a special concern for President Fu, if she sends a message, I can't be unaware ."

    Although she said that, she wiped her hands and walked to the door, muttering as she walked, "Could it be someone from the community who came to check the natural gas? But it's not time yet..."

    Ming Ying became alert, swept directly in front of her, made a silent gesture, held the door handle, and pricked her ears to listen to the movement outside.

    The person standing outside did not speak, but Mingying could sense the breath of the other party and vaguely remembered a person—

    "Sack Man" Hu Xiuli!

    As soon as the name flashed in her mind, she was so frightened that she backed away and pushed Du Yunxin to the front.

    "What's the matter?" Du Yunxin was also frightened by her reaction, "Who is outside?"

    "It's a robber!" Ming Ying lowered her voice and turned around to hurry back upstairs to hide.

    But she was afraid that the "sack man" would also carry Du Yunxin away. Xiao Du was an ordinary person without spiritual power. , put away the fox ears and all tails temporarily, pretending to be calm: "It's okay, I'll come!"

    Du Yunxin: ? ? ?


    The door opened, and the person standing at the door was indeed Hu Xiuli, who I saw at the Administration Bureau earlier, wearing a black peaked cap and loose dark casual clothes, standing very casually.

    As soon as Ming Ying met him, she heard him smile and raise her hand, with a natural expression: "Oh, hello, Mr. Fu's little friend!"

    Ming Ying saw the message she sent to Fu Anyu, and naturally knew that "children" was referring to herself, but she didn't expect that she could be recognized by the other party even if she restrained her demonic body and demonic energy, her eyes Can not help but show surprise.

    "My client is in this community and said that there is evil in the house recently, so I came looking for it." Hu Xiuli squinted and smiled, without showing any hostility, "Oh, don't get me wrong, that Evil has nothing to do with you. I just passed by Mr. Fu's house and felt that you were inside, so I came over to take a look."

    Mingying retreated subconsciously, her demon ears and tail were all frightened out, and what Fu Anyu said before resounded in her mind:

    —“He likes little furry animals the most.”

    —"If you met him on the street, he would crouch down and ask what color sack you like."

    Hu Xiuli was actually about the same height as Mingying's human figure. Seeing Mingying's retreat, he smiled brighter instead, stepped forward and asked, "Little fox, what color sack do you like?"

    Who knew that as soon as he finished speaking, Du Yunxin, who was catching up, stepped on the back of his shoe.

    "You dare to covet Mr. Fu's little fox!" Du Yunxin scolded him angrily, "Aren't you here to find evil? Get out! Get out!"

    Ming Ying was so frightened that she almost smeared the freshly rubbed spiritual power on Hu Xiuli's face, and she was shocked when she saw Hu Xiuli shaking her stepped foot while walking out leisurely , "This is the way to get out. Hey, I just want to come and see the fox, who knows that the fox has become a human..."

    "That Ha Pi was Mr. Fu's classmate when he was young. He didn't have any bad intentions, but he was a serious plush control." After closing the door, Du Yunxin explained, "Xiao Chen used to be at the same table with him, Just tell me if he's upset, just chase him away."

    "So that's what it is." Ming Ying breathed a sigh of relief and dissipated the spiritual power in her palm, "You scared me to death just now!"

    Back to the kitchen with Du Yunxin, Mingying remembered what Hu Xiuli had just said, and couldn't help but ask: "What kind of work does the 'sack man' do? He said just now that he was here to find evil... "

    "I like your nickname." Du Yunxin laughed before answering, "He is the master of a Taoist temple on the outskirts of the city, and his family has been guarding for generations. Taoist, but he seems to claim to be 'not being a master for many years', according to Xiao Chen, he seems to be writing supernatural novels at home, and his sideline is to eliminate evil spirits."

    She thought about it for a while, and then said: "Speaking of which, Mr. Fu had a marriage contract with him before. But Mr. Fu didn't want to fall in love, and Hu Xiuli was sexually oriented towards men. Back then, the two hit it off and agreed to marry him.      Tear it up. But when the outside world asks, they will still use the marriage contract with each other to block it. After all, only they know about the tearing of the marriage contract. "


    "If you insist, there is indeed such a relationship." Du Yunxin nodded, "But we all know what the facts are. The marriage contract is long overdue, as long as Mr. Fu thinks, She can declare her singleness at any time, but with this engagement, she can block a lot of unnecessary gossip for her, so President Fu..."

    Ming Ying was furious when she heard that Fu Anyu and Hu Xiuli had a marriage contract. Men use Fu Anyu to block gossip."

    She didn't know why she was so angry, so angry that she couldn't stay at home, and wanted to rush out and put on a sack and beat Hu Xiuli.

    She suddenly remembered that Hu Xiuli had sent a message yesterday, asking Fu Anyu to drink coffee, and the time would be seven o'clock tomorrow night. Fu Anyu also specifically asked her if she wanted to go with her. At that time, she refused to go with him because she didn't want to see Dr. He, and now her bowels are full of regrets.

    "Can you help me send a message to my sister?" Mingying returned to her senses and hurriedly asked Du Yunxin.

    Du Yunxin was wondering why she was distracted when she listened to it, but she didn't have the habit of asking questions. Seeing that the little fox wanted something from herself, she nodded and picked up the phone: "Okay, you want to talk to me. What did Mr. Fu say?"

    "Just say I want to go out for coffee with her." Mingying said, "It's boring at home, I want to go out."

    Du Yunxin: “…”

    "How come I never thought you were boring at home?" She muttered, but she still clicked on Fu Anyu's avatar and conveyed the little fox's request.

    Fu Anyu just finished a meeting, and when he came out to rest, he received a text message from his assistant.

    【Living Assistant Xiao Du】Ming Ying was so suffocated at home that she wanted to go out for coffee with you.

    "...?" Fu Anyu stared at the first half of the sentence in surprise, thinking that the twenty episodes of "Inuyasha" that he had cached last night would not be finished so quickly, the little fox obviously likes this animation, why? Still feeling bored at home?

    Of course she didn't know about Du Yunxin's popular science engagement, let alone Mingying's mental journey, she read the second half of the sentence, replied "good", closed the phone and thought for a moment, Just sent a message to Du Yunxin.

    Du Yunxin quickly received a reply, and she was making a "finished" gesture with Mingying when she felt the phone vibrate again, and looked down at the screen.

    [BOSS Fu] At the coffee shop at nine o'clock tonight, you are looking at the reservation.

    The author has something to say:  Ming 嘤嘤 does not know what he has unintentionally gained~

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