After listening to the content of the exchange between the two in the room, Fu Anyu couldn't help raising the corners of her lips, but she did not push the door to enter or leave, she just stood there after approaching the door, quietly watching all the movements inside .

    Mingying's five senses are much sharper than Du Yunxin's. As soon as Fu Anyu approached, she noticed it and stopped to look at the door vigilantly.

    "What's the matter?" Du Yunxin also stopped her words at the right time and looked over.

    "Sister may be awake." Ming Ying said in a small voice, "It should be at the door..."

    Du Yunxin panicked for a moment, knowing that she was still encouraging the little fox to try on Mr. Fu's old dress just now, and she was so loud, she was conspiring loudly under the eyes of her boss!

    The conspiracy duo looked at each other, then looked at the pile of clothes on the bed, and felt that this matter could not be hidden from Fu Anyu today, so they simply did not hide anything, making sure that they were both mentally prepared, He opened the door and bowed to Fu Anyu who was standing at the door: "I'm sorry, Mr. Fu!"

    "..." Fu Anyu glanced at the culprit, Du Yunxin, turned to Mingying, and moved a hand on her head, "She is my assistant, why do you call me President Fu? "

    "I'm sorry, sister!" Ming Ying immediately changed her words, and the four tails behind her also hung down obediently.

    Although Fu Anyu was still weak, from the moment she entered the door, Du Yunxin felt that the whole room was enveloped by the aura of President Bingshan.

    Seeing Fu Anyu's eyes moving to the bed, she and Mingying both voluntarily stepped aside and accepted the inspection of the president.

    "Are you trying clothes on Mingying?" Fu Anyu picked up the clothes and skirts scattered on the bed, unfolded them and looked at Mingying, "Mingying likes to wear this kind of clothes with some ancient elements. Do you wear regular clothes?"

    Although Ming Ying didn't quite understand what "ancient elements" meant, she liked the dress in Fu Anyu's hand very much, and nodded hurriedly.

    "Take her measurements." Fu Anyu put down her clothes and said to Du Yunxin, "Find it at the tailor I usually use, so you don't have to try on old clothes anymore."

    "Huh? Good!" The turning point came too quickly, Du Yunxin was only excited when she reacted. The boss investigates the responsibility of bringing the bad little fox.

    As soon as Du Yunxin left, only Mingying and Fu Anyu were left in the room.

    Ming Ying pinched the bow on the bandage on her right hand and looked at Fu Anyu cautiously, her heart was pounding nervously, for fear that she would hold her accountable.

    "Isn't the smell too heavy?" Fu Anyu looked at the clothes on the bed, "I wore these clothes when I was young, and I have kept them for two or three years at least, although I take them out from time to time to wash them again. Drying, but there are mothballs in the closet, and after a long time, the clothes are full of the smell of mothballs."

    "So that smell is called 'mothballs'?" Ming Ying asked in a daze. She thought it smelled good, but it was a bit pungent.

    Fu Anyu nodded, "This is used to prevent insects and moths, and it will be placed in the wardrobe that is not often opened."

    "I don't mind." Mingying shook her head, feeling that her aura was no longer cold, she picked up a sleeveless red-collar jacket, and asked tentatively, "Actually...I like it very much. This one, can I wear it when I'm at home?"

    Fu Anyu glanced at the coat, and suddenly walked to the closet to find two separate sleeves with red cords, a red hairband, and a red short skirt with the same pattern as the red collar.

    "This is a whole set, all for you." She put the new clothes next to Mingying, "Let Xiao Du wash it for you, and then you can wear it."

    "Okay!" Mingying shook her tail happily, and solemnly folded her coat and these clothes.

    As soon as Du Yunxin came back with the meter ruler, she was almost smeared by the happy fox tail.

    She was stunned to feel the atmosphere of the room after the ice melted. When she bypassed the fox tail to measure Ming Ying, what she thought was "Finally someone can take care of President Fu".

    Ming Ying listened to her instructions, raised her hands obediently, straightened her back, and watched curiously as the meter ruler was pulled from one end of her body to the other.

    The most difficult part of the clothes of the demon tribe is the tail. As an ordinary person, Du Yunxin has no experience in measuring the hips of the demon clan, and she doesn't know how to measure it without touching Mingying's tail. When she reached this position, she suddenly showed an embarrassed expression.

    "Mr. Fu, I don't know how to measure here." Before Fu Anyu asked, she took the initiative to admit it.

    "...just measure the length of the legs." Fu Anyu also discovered this, and did not force her, "Leave the meter."

    Du Yunxin always felt that if she stayed for a while, she was eating dog food. She quickly measured the length of her legs and recorded it. She put down the meter ruler and closed the door. .

    Fu Anyu picked up the meter ruler and brought Mingying closer to him.

    "I'll measure your hips," she said. "It will touch your tail."


    "Can you... not measure it?" she whispered.

    "If you don't measure it, you can only wear all the tails in order to wear the dress you like." Fu Anyu said, "You make up your own mind, you want to make clothes that can be worn even with tails. , or clothes that can only be worn with the tail closed."

    Ming Ying has always been accustomed to keeping all her tails outside, even if she is allowed to keep only one tail, she is actually not very happy. She heard that she was silent and struggled for a long time, but she still kept the tail that made up the tail. All the spiritual power was collected into the spiritual control tool, and he lowered his head and said, "You can measure it."

    Fu Anyu opened the meter ruler, let her lift her arm slightly, and pressed one end to her side with her thumb.

    She heard the little fox make a "hmm", and then felt the little fox's body trembling slightly.

    "Relax." Fu Anyu said, "Just circle it with a meter ruler, my hand won't touch there."

    "I, I know..." Ming Ying felt her face burning and her voice buzzing.

    She felt that the meter ruler was sticking around the dantian, and after a short pause, Fu Anyu put it away.

    "Okay." Fu Anyu picked up the mobile phone and added the data to the document given by Du Yunxin.

    Ming Ying's face was so hot that she couldn't stand still, she just said "thank you", and she threw herself on the bed.

     Hearing the movement, Fu Anyu immediately looked at her, saw her covering her face with her hands, and a very soft "woo woo" was muffled in her palms, she hurriedly moved her hand away, seeing her His face flushed, his eyes dodged, and he understood in an instant.

    "I'll go get the ear thermometer." In order to verify his guess, Fu Anyu deliberately said, and deliberately walked out.

    Before she took two steps, Mingying grabbed the hem of her clothes, "No need, no need, no fever, just...yes...shy..."

    Ming Ying didn't know what happened to her, obviously Du Yunxin not only saw her undressed, but also measured her size near her heart, she was not ashamed. How come it is Fu Anyu's turn, just...

    Before she thought about this question, she suddenly recalled that when she first became a human, she had a nightdress on her body.

    When she discovered this, she didn't seem to have any reaction, but when she thinks about it now, she is so ashamed that she wants to bury her face in her tail and dig a hole in it.

    The faint scent of jasmine suddenly rushed towards her face. As soon as Ming Ying raised her head, she met Fu Anyu who was leaning over to look at her.

    Her fox ears were already folded, but when Fu Anyu stared at them like this, they were almost folded against her hair.

    "Got it, shy little princess." Fu Anyu reached out and touched the top of her head, gently pulling back the folded fox ears.

    Ming Ying hummed, seeing her turn around, as if she was about to leave the room, she got up and asked, "How are you feeling now? Are you feeling better?"

    "I slept for a long time and recovered a lot." Fu Anyu turned back and replied, "Now I plan to gather spirits."

    "I'll protect you!" Ming Ying followed after a few steps, "I will also draw a spirit gathering array, and the effect of the drawing... Well, it seems to be a little better than your drawing."

    She wanted to help Fu Anyu a little bit, after all, Fu Anyu would be so weak and missed a day of meetings, all because she was sucked away by her spiritual power.

    "Come." Fu Anyu didn't refuse. After speaking, he opened the door and walked to the bedroom without looking back.

    Ming Ying followed closely behind her, and as soon as she entered the bedroom, she first went to the ground where Fu Anyu often sat to draw a spirit gathering formation.

    Because of the sufficient spiritual power in her body, the spirit gathering array she painted this time is much more advanced than the one she used before.

    Fu Anyu sat on the side, watching the little fox kneeling on the ground, drawing out the gathered fox tails one by one while drawing a spirit gathering formation.

    Ming Ying was told by Du Yunxin to "wear in four seasons" just now, so many clothes transformed from fur have been released from magic, including the foot pockets that keep her feet warm. At this time, she was barefoot, with her four tails spread out, just covering her legs and feet, leaving only half of her feet exposed.

    When the little fox was concentrating on drawing the spirit gathering array, she stared at the fox tail for a long time, and couldn't help but imagine the scene where all nine tails are now.

    "I'm done drawing!" After another two minutes, Ming Ying put away the spiritual power of her fingertips, moved to the side and smiled at Fu Anyu, "You can just sit up and gather your spirits directly."

    Fu Anyu thanked her and looked on the ground, but found that the little fox was sitting under a formation, and the space she let out was a larger formation .

    "Have you never seen this kind of spirit gathering array?" Mingying sat cross-legged, seeing that Fu Anyu didn't move, just staring at the spirit gathering array, she explained, " This spirit gathering formation is one big and one small, and it can be used for two people to gather spirits, but the person sitting on the small spirit gathering formation will not enter a state of deep concentration. One person can immediately stop the gathering of spirits and assist in closing the merits."

    In order to facilitate Fu Anyu's understanding, she also deliberately changed the title to "people".

    "Didn't I just say that I want to protect the law for you?" Ming Ying patted the large spirit gathering array and said seriously, "It is safe to use this gathering spirit array to protect the law! I often see my father as a Mother painting it, absolutely no problem!"

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