After dinner, one person and one fox walked around the ancient street again, bought some snacks and gadgets, and returned to the hotel to prepare for a rest.

    Ming Ying was carrying a pair of handicrafts tied with bamboo strips to look like shoes. She remembered that when she first became a human being, Fu Anyu bought a pair of shoes for her on an ancient street in Y city. But the storefronts selling ancient shoes are a long way from here, and it takes an hour to get there by car.

    Fu Anyu booked a big bed room. After she and Mingying finished washing up, she sat on the bed and suddenly asked, "You're already staying in a hotel, aren't you going to do something to me?"

    Ming Ying was squatting on the edge of the bed to send a message. After hearing this, she almost fell to the bottom of the bed. After stabilizing her balance, she turned her head blushing and said, "I refuse!"

    Let her be frivolous with Fu Anyu, it feels so weird! The one she would rather be pushed down is herself.

    Who knew that just as she thought about it, she heard Fu Anyu ask: "Then what about it, do you want me to do something to you?"


    "I...I only allow you to move your tail."

    She quickly paid for her decision.


    Ming Ying originally wanted to escape, but she escaped and somehow fell back into Fu Anyu's arms, sticking to her through a thin layer of silk pajamas.

    She was short of breath, and gradually began to lose control of herself. She subconsciously pressed Fu Anyu down. When she came back to her senses, she found that she had unbuttoned the other party's clothes, and her tail was entangled. In the past, all the white arms were red.

    Ming Ying, who regained her senses, immediately released her tail, and at the same time held the hand that was still moving her tail, and warned with a blushing face: "You, you don't start hooking me every time you move. If I can't control myself, I will..."

    "What will happen?" Fu Anyu looked at her without fear.


    It's still the demon that can make her find herself back as soon as possible.

    Fu Anyu was stunned by the little fox's reaction. She moved the fox in disbelief and asked, "Will it return to its original shape?"

    The little fox lying on her stomach grunted and ignored her with its five tails hanging down.

    "It's a bit like a joke." Fu Anyu pinched the tail fur, hugged the fox to the pillow, and asked the fox's ear, "Are you going to perfunctory me like this on the wedding night?"

    When she saw the little fox folded her ears immediately, she stared at herself in shock and fear.

    Ming Ying remembered very clearly that they were getting married this Saturday, and Fu Anyu handled the wedding. She even read the procedure sheet.

    Moreover, on the night she asked Fu Anyu, she also allowed her to ask Fu Anyu when she promised her a big wedding.

    Ming Ying is not a fox demon with heavy desires, she just feels that if she promises her lover, she should fulfill it no matter what.

    So she glared at Fu Anyu for a moment, then she shook her head and said, "I won't perfunctory you."

    In three days, she will be able to adjust her mentality.

    Ming Ying changed back into a human form, put on a nightgown, and lay beside Fu Anyu.

    "Good night," she said.


    "I'll do the math, you still have things on your mind." Looking at each other for a moment, Fu Anyu suddenly said.

    Ming Ying's eyes changed, and she bowed her head and arched her chin.

    "I do have something on my mind, but I think it's meaningless..." Mingying whispered.

    Fu Anyu looked at her calmly and asked, "If you don't say it, can you sleep tonight?"

    "I..." Ming Ying lowered her head and touched the tip of her fingers uneasily for a while before speaking, "I remember Hu Xiuli saying that the ruins of the entrance to the demon world are on the outskirts of city Y, so... I just thought go see..."

    After finishing speaking, she was afraid that Fu Anyu would misunderstand, so she hurriedly emphasized: "I just want to see it!"

    "The entrance to the demon world disappeared because of the collapse of time and space. It stands to reason that it will not leave any trace where it originally existed." Fu Anyu reminded her.

    "Yes, so I think this matter is meaningless." Mingying muttered, "It's just a 'door' that I can't go back to, not my home."

    Although the words were sad, the whole fox was relieved a lot after Mingying expressed her thoughts.

    "Tomorrow, let's go to the 'Naihetian' Inn!" Mingying closed her eyes and said, "Having a wedding there must be very romantic..."

    She slept quickly, and not long after, Fu Anyu heard the sound of even breathing coming from her arms.

    Fu Anyu gently rubbed her chin on top of her head, accompanied by the little fox's slight sleepiness, and fell asleep.

    Maybe because she talked about the entrance to the demon world before going to bed, Mingying had a strange dream after a long time.

    She dreamed that she was being chased by evil monsters and was fleeing to the forbidden land. The right leg was cursed by the evil demon, and the pain caused her to gasp for breath. She clenched her teeth and ran to the forbidden area while dodging the magic attack coming from behind.

    When passing through the white fog at the entrance of the forbidden area, Mingying was both at ease and sad.

    —After entering this forbidden area, she will never be able to go home again.

    However, before she could end her grief, she bumped into someone.

    Ming Ying didn't know why her first reaction was "one person", but when she raised her head and saw the cold, expressionless face so close, she subconsciously put the person in front of her in front of her. hold.

    "Save me! Fu Anyu save me!" She hugged the man and shouted, "There are evil monsters chasing me!"

    Fu Anyu didn't respond, but Mingying heard the sound of fast mantras and the screams of the evil monster who was chasing her.

    She inexplicably remembered the first dream she had after coming to the human world. At that time, it was Fu Anyu who rescued her, and then killed those evil monsters with blood. She didn't dare to look back.

    Therefore, when she finally calmed down behind her, she didn't dare to turn her head, she just hugged Fu Anyu and shivered.

    "...Look up at me." After a few seconds, a cold voice came from above her head.

    Ming Ying raised her head obediently and met a pair of eyes that were colder than her voice.

    Looking at each other, she suddenly realized that Fu Anyu didn't seem to recognize herself.

    Although she knew this was a dream and everything was possible in a dream, she glared at Fu Anyu unhappily, took two steps back knowingly, and said with a wagging tail, "Thank you for saving me!"

    She saw Fu Anyu frown suddenly, and then she asked: "What is this place?"

    The moment she heard this, Ming Ying thought of abducting Fu Anyu home for some reason.

    After she crossed into the human world, it was Fu Anyu who picked her up; now that Fu Anyu has crossed into the demon world, why didn't she do the same thing?

    Ming Ying's thoughts just fell, and she felt that the scene in front of her changed, and she immediately returned to her bedroom from the forbidden area filled with mist, and Fu Anyu also followed her to the bedroom.

    She subconsciously looked down at her right hind leg, which was no longer in pain, and found that the wound had healed.

    This is her dream, she is the master of the dream, she can get whatever she wants.

    Looking at Fu Anyu who was standing opposite her with frowning furrowed, Mingying tried to reach out to her and began to meditate in her heart.

    —turn me into a nine-tailed fox!

    She just finished thinking about it in her mind, when Fu Anyu's hair suddenly grew snow-white fox ears, and under her long black plaid skirt, a bunch of fluffy and flexible fox tails instantly appeared.

    Fu Anyu: ?

    She stretched out her hand to pick up her tail, although her facial expression did not change much, but judging from her eyes, she was shocked at the moment.

    "Who are you?" Fu Anyu asked cautiously.

    Ming Ying looked down at her hand subconsciously—Fu Anyu gave her the engagement ring two days ago.

    And on her finger, I don't know when that fox-shaped engagement ring appeared.

    So she stretched out her right hand in front of Fu Anyu and said confidently, "Your fiancee!"

    Seeing that Fu Anyu was silent, Ming Ying took off her engagement ring and showed her the words carved on the inside.

    The inside of the engagement ring has both Ming Ying's name and Fu Anyu's name, and it also imitates the brushstrokes of the two, which cannot be faked.

    "Do you believe it now? This is the engagement ring you gave me." Mingying put the ring back on her middle finger, picked up the jade teapot on the table, and put it into her own teacup Filling the water, he started talking nonsense, "There are still three days before the big wedding day we set together. I wanted to go to the human world to pick you up and get married, but I didn't expect you to come to me by yourself."

    She felt that Fu Anyu was staring at her, but when she turned her face, Fu Anyu had already looked away.

    She thought for a while, holding the teacup and said: "You may have amnesia now, but it doesn't matter, we have discussed it before, on the candle night of the wedding day, it is you who touch me. If you If you don't want to touch me, then don't touch..."

    "I am a demon slayer." Fu Anyu reminded her coldly, "As a demon, you dare to marry me?"

    Ming Ying didn't know if it was because of a dream, the tone of Fu Anyu in the dream was different from the Fu Anyu she was familiar with, but she didn't mind, and even smiled at Fu Anyu with a good temper: "Yes , I dare. I know what kind of person you are, and I am not afraid of you."

    Noticing that the doubts in Fu Anyu's eyes were deeper, Ming Ying didn't explain it. After speaking, she sat on the couch humming a little song to herself, blew the tea, and took a sip.

    "Come, sit with me." She patted the vacant seat beside her.

    Fu Anyu sat down beside her before she could speak.

    Ming Ying finished moistening her throat, put down the teacup, glanced at the awkward nine tails behind Fu Anyu, and suddenly shot, grabbed the two tails and started to move.

    She saw Fu Anyu's complexion suddenly change from the corner of her eye, but Fu Anyu's patience is not something that ordinary people can match. She just gritted her teeth and stabbed her face like a knife.

    Ming Ying was a little cowardly by her cold eyes, and was thinking about whether she was going too far, but the next second, she heard Fu Anyu say in a deep voice, "Don't touch it again, otherwise..."

    "Otherwise?" Ming Ying answered the question smoothly, and suddenly felt a chill on her back after asking.

    ...Wait, how does her body react every time she tells Fu Anyu not to move her tail? !

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    The second update is coming!

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