To Color Your Life

To Color Your Life

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"If you are so worried about my fate, I will marry the first man I meet!" Emily hung up and muted the phone. The conversation with her grandmother was over. She turned around and bumped into the man behind her."I agree!" the stranger declared with a joyous smile."What do you agree to?" she did not understand.“What do you mean, what? If I understood everything correctly, you just promised your grandma that you would marry the first person you meet. And, I guess, that first person you meet happens to be me. So I agree. We can set a date. Although... why do we need a date? I agree to get married right now!"... ... ...Emily Hayes is tired of her grandmother's endless attempts to find a husband for the girl. The last conversation with a persistent relative ended with Emily threatening to marry the first person she meets. But what should she do if that very “first comer” heard everything and now demands fulfillment of the promise? And if at the first meeting she refused him, then at the second it became much more difficult to do this.... ... ..."Are you upset, Miss Hayes?” asked the man.“Oh, no. I just haven’t been feeling well lately.”“Did something happen at work? Is anybody offending you?” Evans' gaze became serious. Emily tried to hide her smirk. She lifted her head and looked at the boss with the most innocent eyes, “Mr. Evans, you can congratulate me. I happen to be pregnant!”The man choked on his drink and immediately changed his face. The temperature around him dropped by several degrees. “And who is the lucky father, Miss Hayes?” he asked, pressing his palm into fist, “Did your grandmother finally trapped you, and Kevin got his chance?”Emily’s inner dragon purred with satisfaction. She took her sweet time before answering, “You.”My other work on Webnovel:- Fragments of Time [FREE/COMPLET


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