The Villainess Is Shy In Receiving Affection

The Villainess Is Shy In Receiving Affection

47 Chapters Ongoing Status
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My wicked mother brought a girl one day.She was the Duke’s hidden daughter, Loretta, the heroine of [Duke’s Four Children]I am Melody, the villainess who was punished with my mother for harassing her.I don’t want to die like that, so I have to treat her well now.I fed Loretta, put her to sleep, and played with her.And then her response was…?“I hope Melody marries Loretta!”The endless barrage of affection led me to join her back to the duke and she said, “I’ll stick close to Ms. Melody.”Have you met someone who is a ‘Fool for Melody’ more than her?Why am I being loved when I’ve only been kind enough to make myself live peacefully….


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