Siheyuan: Chasing Me Out, Still Want Me to Help?

Siheyuan: Chasing Me Out, Still Want Me to Help?


316 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 17 days ago


Ye Chen woke up and found that he had traveled through the [*] cities of the [*]s.
He became a dormant ordinary resident of the compound, and only his six-year-old sister depended on each other for life.
Stick terrier stealing addiction!
Qin Huai sucks blood without limit!
Silly Zhu can't think of riding sister!
Before Ye Chen had time to get used to this compound full of people and birds, he was involved in a theft storm.
In order to celebrate my sister's birthday, it is rare for the family to improve the food.
As a result, he was framed as a thief.
The sanctimonious Yi Zhonghai knew that the culprit was a stick, but he used his power for personal gain.
It is proposed to expel Ye Chen from the courtyard.
Fortunately, the system has awakened, unlocked the penguin farm, planted a cornucopia at the beginning, and obtained full-level cooking skills!
The train of the times, on the high speed.
Others are still eating chaff and intrigues, and Ye Chen has already begun to develop his own business territory.
Drive me out of the courtyard, still want to have a good life?
Ye Chen held the system in his hand and began to clean up the beasts in the courtyard!

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