My Cloud Girlfriend Online

My Cloud Girlfriend Online

571 Chapters Ongoing Status
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“Yun Yang (Cloud Nurture)” is an emerging form of entertainment.

Generally, it refers to people who are unable to raise their own cats, dogs, or pets due to conditions, and use the Internet to raise these pets remotely to obtain psychological pleasure.

In the raising process, these people will also feed, or give rewards, and participate in the raising process. It’s like owning this pet.

However, professional player Chen Yan accidentally played a game of [Yunyang Girlfriend].

As long as you feed or buy food for Yunyang’s girlfriend, you can get [10 times cash back].

Increase your favorability and get various [magic props], or you can directly “run out”?

Obviously it is a very loving “love game”, but…Chen Yan, who didn’t take the usual path, just played a money-scratching game to fuel his career.

Chen Yan, “What is good about a girlfriend? Is it smelling the fragrance or holding it softly? How can it be interesting to brush money!”

And Yunyang’s girlfriend…

“He has spent so much thought and money in order to surprise me, he must love me very much…”

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