Moba: Me, Canyon Bad Girl!

Moba: Me, Canyon Bad Girl!


238 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 17 days ago


What hero should a female top laner play?
Riven of Lightspeed QA?The sword girl who broke four in one second?Camille walking on a tightrope?Or is it the sword girl who dances in the **?
None of these!
The magic box demon clown, the magic soldier Ryze, the magic cat Rengar.
Yin Lili told everyone with his actions—
"I can fight with you,'s not necessary."
957: "I've read The Legend of Zhen Huan more than thirty times, and I've made more than ten pages of notes, but I still can't play her."
letme: "Women's hearts can't be seen through, just because the breasts are too thick!"
UZI: "Zhang Wuji told us a long time ago that the more beautiful a woman is, the more deceitful she is. Now I finally believe it!"

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