Marriage is continuous: mysterious husband brought home

Marriage is continuous: mysterious husband brought home

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What is the most tragic thing for a man?

The fourth Master said: it's better to live for 40 years and never have a chance to taste women.


There are several masters in the Nie family in city A. among them, the fourth master is the most talked about except the eldest young master.

Fourth master? Who is the fourth master?

It is said that the fourth master is not human.


At first sight, she was 19 years old. The senior student who had a crush on her for a long time confessed that she was elated.

Goodbye, she is 24 years old. She has just experienced a lovelorn and is in great pain.

She said, "meeting is fate. Why don't we follow God's will?"

That night, the lovers fell in love and the mandarin ducks were warm.

The next day, the road was facing the sky, each side.


A few days later, she blocked him in the corner, "Xinxin, I'm pregnant, you should be responsible for me!"

He stared suspiciously at her stomach. "Which time can you win the prize?"

She frowned. "In order to improve the winning rate, let's start again."

So all night, they were working hard to improve the winning rate. If not once, then do it again!

[the following text is a brief introduction, mostly vs. words, wrongly provoking hundreds of millions of successors]

"I give you all, only one condition, marry me."

After four years in prison, the man who personally sent her to prison proposed to her.

For revenge, she decided to marry him....


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