King: Me! Famous Scene Harvester

King: Me! Famous Scene Harvester


367 Chapters Ongoing Status
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2021kpl autumn competition.
Luo Shang was fortunate enough to be the starter of the AG Super Play Club and obtained the famous scene harvesting system.
Since then, Luo Shang's famous scene has been out of control.
kpltop 10 scenes, bottle: "Look at Luo Shang Ma Chao, he went around and harvested, one two three... four five, my God, double five kills in one round, Luo Shang Ma Chao is a god in the first battle."
Li Jiu: "Looking at the position of Luo Shang Gongsun's departure, what? He pushed five, the shooter opened the team, and the situation was reversed..."...
Before you know it, Luo Shang's famous scene has taken over the entire KPL screen.
Uncle Ge: "How can there be such an outrageous person?"
Major coaches and professional players: "So, are we all Luo Shang's background board?"


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