I, the ninth uncle of Xiuxian, was violently beaten by Wufu

I, the ninth uncle of Xiuxian, was violently beaten by Wufu


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Huo Tianci crossed into the zombie world, originally wanted to worship the ninth uncle, but was coldly eyed, fortunately activated the proficiency panel.

Even if he has no talent for cultivation, he still enters the Dao with martial arts, becomes a true martial god, and reaches the peak of his life.

Ninth Uncle: “My name is Lin Fengjiao, Huo Tianci wanted to learn art from a teacher, but I refused, and I disdained it coldly, and I was retaliated against.” ”

Four Eyes Daoist: “Senior brother, I’m sorry, the cultivators can’t beat Wufu, I can’t help you.” ”

Shi Jian: “Well, little Huo Tianci, ridiculous, wait, don’t come over, I have nothing to do with Lin Fengjiao.” ”

Qianhe Daolong: “Senior Brother Lin, I’m sorry, I only play the peak race.” ”

Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novel: “I, Xiuxian Ninth Uncle, was violently beaten by Wufu”; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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