I Save The World In The Text Game

I Save The World In The Text Game


172 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Lin Xun accidentally downloaded a word game called “Book of Salvation”.

Fighting monsters and upgrading, exploring and taking risks are just routine operations.

It’s fine if he can bring the game props to reality, but he found that he can actually bring the game characters into reality…

Although the game is extremely difficult, fortunately Lin Xun has a unique talent.

When other apostles can only use one game character…

Lin Xun looked at the rows of game characters and wondered which one to choose.

When the other apostles are still using the human characters of caiji…

Lin Xun has already used the powerful monster boss character.

When one day, Lin Xun manifested the terrifying and ferocious BOSS into reality…

“I said I’m here to save the world, do you believe me?”


“I believe you ghost?”


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