I Have a Mythical Tree

I Have a Mythical Tree

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In the boundless wilderness, the human kingdom struggled to survive in the cracks of other ferocious races. Ji Xia traveled through the Taicang kingdom of internal and external troubles and became the crown prince of a country who had just died of anger and was about to be taken by his subjects.

How to do? Fortunately, there is a mythical tree in my mind, which bears fruit, and in the fruit are countless mythological characters, mythical demons, and mythical objects!

“Report… Your Highness, the Idol Kingdom is invading, and the millions of Idols have overwhelmed the border!”

“What is it? A continent just grew out of the tree, and above the continent is a hundred thousand criminal days, what kind of a million idols? It’s just a chicken!”

The human race will rise to the boundless wilderness because of the arrival of Ji Xia!

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