I Cultivate Immortality By Being Passive

I Cultivate Immortality By Being Passive


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After thousands of years of silence, spiritual practice once again ushered in the golden age.

Just as the enchanting and Daozi in Zhongzhou are fighting against each other.

In the face of so many evildoers, Zhou Feng has only a skill panel, and this skill panel will only give passive skills.

Binge eating: Whenever you digest food, you can digest food faster and more perfectly, and at the same time you will be hungry faster.

Resilience: Slowly restore 1% of life when getting out of combat.

Sharpening Stone: Every time you experience a battle, all attributes increase by one.

Older and stronger: Every time you increase one year old, your defensive power increases by one.

Armor Piercing Spear: A certain percentage of armor piercing is attached to the attack.

Dao Method Seed: Increase the proficiency of Dao Method by 1%.


Thousands of passive skills are integrated in one body, and cultivation of immortality depends entirely on passiveness.

As long as I go to the end, I will be the strongest!

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