There is fear in the brain, perhaps in the face of absolute strength, all intrigues and tricks will not work.

He wanted to stop, but knew he couldn’t.

When they came to the room of these Asirs, they had already gone to sleep.

There were several empty bottles of mineral water in the house.

After being happy, people will naturally have dry mouth, especially under the premise of drinking a lot of alcohol.

The brain slowly picked up the mineral water bottle and quietly put it in his pocket.

After carefully looking at the remaining mineral water, I picked out the outermost bottles and also put them in my pocket.

After that, the remaining bottles were opened and placed scattered by Asir’s side.

Strangely, even if the brain is careful, it will make some sounds.

But these Asir slept like dead pigs.

Finally, he moved the twelve young men out of the house, sighed, picked up a pillow and covered him alive.

And he passed the pillow over in every Asir’s hand.

Not only that, but he also did some action on the spot!

After doing all this, the brain wiped all the traces and walked out backwards.

If anyone sees all this, they will find an amazing thing.

The brain walked backwards while wiping his footprints.

When he walked out of the room, he gently closed the door.

At this time, it was already past three o’clock in the morning, and even in the bustling Temple Street, there were few people in sight.

He changed out of the clothes he was wearing and put them all in the backpack behind his back.

There happened to be a motorcycle passing by outside, and the brain knew that this was the person who specialized in processing the traces for him.

It was usually he with his back to his motorcycle and his backpack on the side of the street.

The motorcycle will pick up the backpack.

The brain was still the same as usual, turning its back and just about to put the backpack on the ground.

But he suddenly felt a cold wind hit, and it was too late to turn back.

An iron bar smashed into the back of his head, followed by a gunshot.

The sound of Point 38 echoed in Temple Street.

The brain couldn’t believe all this, just because of a question, he died on the spot.

A young man came down from the motorcycle, and through the lens on his helmet, he could only see that his eyes and brain resembled a little.

It’s just a lot whiter than the brain.

The motorcyclist looked at the brain that had stopped breathing, sighed, and said with emotion

“In our business, as long as there is any doubt about the order, then we will usher in death.” Master, this is what you taught me, have you forgotten! ”

Pick up your backpack, put your gun in it, and ride your motorcycle to the beach.

The black fly and Tony have been waiting here for a long time and can see Tony regurgitating from time to time.

And the face of the black fly also turned pale.

At their side were two tin barrels that had been prepared.

Even these two people did not dare to look at the tin barrel, and they wanted to vomit as soon as they saw it.

Brain Number Two looked at the two and smiled.

This is also a necessary process.

It is said that Deng Shao is a bumper, he is not only a bumper, but also a madman.

On weekdays, people who throw into the Xiangjiang River will find some large tin barrels, but this is for veterans.

The newcomers were issued small tin barrels.

Only by unloading eight pieces can you stuff it in and pour cement.

After passing this level, you are qualified to enter Deng Shao’s eyes.

Only after passing this level will you throw away the so-called humanity in your heart.

Brain Two casually stuffed his backpack into a tin bucket and took off all his clothes.

Tony kept an eye on him, trying to see who the man in front of him was, but who knew that there was a hat under his helmet.

Can’t see anything but the eyes!

After quickly changing his clothes, and then dripping them with gasoline on his clothes and helmet, he explained

“When I left, it was all burned!”

After saying that, I came to the motorcycle and tore off a layer of film on the motorcycle little by little.

The motorcycle that was originally red and white actually turned pure white.

He threw the membranes over to his clothes, rode on and left.

The fly swallowed, knowing that if he lit a fire, no one would ever know what happened tonight.

A few people left the world so quietly.

Even if someone fished out the tin barrel from the bottom of the sea many years later, there would be absolutely no clues at that time.

If he didn’t light the fire, would he find evidence that threatened Deng Shao.

But the thought only flashed through his mind.

It is very empty, with several lonely bridges in the distance.

There was no one around, but it made the fly feel that there were countless people staring at them.

He didn’t dare!

Finally the ship came, and a few people came down from the ship and moved the tin barrel to the ship without saying a word.

When the boat left, the two lit a fire and quietly watched everything disappear with the ashes.

Originally wanted to go, Tony was still standing where he was, the fly said

“Brother Tony, why don’t you leave yet!”

Tony said with a wry smile

“Brother Fly, pull me, my legs are soft!”

The fly did not laugh, in fact, he was the same!

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