When Lei Luo heard the busy tone on the other side of the phone, the first thing he did was to arrange for someone to kill Deng Zijun.

But he didn’t dare!

That’s a madman.

At present, the people of Xiangjiang are still unclear about his temper, but they all know that his brain is not normal!

Maple Leaf Country has good security, but it is not foolproof.

When you run into a bump, everything is done.

“It’s old, it’s useless.”

Lei Luo stood in front of the mirror, if it was twenty years ago, Deng Zijun was nothing in his eyes.

Jianghu is like this, a generation of new people for old people.

He picked up the phone and called Sister Xia

“Axia, I’m sorry!”

After speaking, without waiting for Sister Xia to reply, he hung up the phone.

Sister Xia knew that it seemed that she only went to find Deng Zijun herself.

Twelve less, they are not qualified at all.

There was no way, so I had to contact Deng Zijun through other people.

“Oh, the fish is hooked.”

Deng Zijun knew that they couldn’t support it.

An hour later, a fairly luxurious apartment in Causeway Bay.

Sister Xia entered this apartment with exquisite makeup.

What she never expected was that it was Linda who opened the door, but dressed in tulle, and she obviously knew what she was doing!

“You did so well, Linda, what am I sorry for you!”

Sister Xia didn’t expect Linda to be here.

Linda naturally felt a little guilty, but thinking about this thousand-foot mansion was something she couldn’t afford to buy in her whole life as a young lady.

And Deng Shao also promised her to give her 20,000 Hong Kong paper a month.

Of course, there are also requirements, she will be the canary in the future, and this is where Deng Shao and her are happy.

Five years, as long as she doesn’t have problems within five years, this mansion will be given to her, and she will be given another million breakup fees.

Linda gladly accepted the condition.

At least she will not be bullied again, and Sister Xia takes good care of her.

But when she meets the bigwigs and foreigners, she has to agree to whatever she wants.

Those people are beasts, and there are all kinds of perverted actions.

Although it is said that Deng Zijun is a bumper, he is at least a normal person.

“I’m sorry, Sister Xia!”

Sister Xia has nothing to say, is there any point in talking about it at this time.

Deng Zijun was wearing only a pair of shorts and sitting naked in the room.

The so-called thousand-foot mansion is only 80 or 90 square meters, which is also called a mansion.

The yard in the countryside of Deng Jianguo’s hometown is measured in acres.

“Isn’t this the famous Sister Xia!”

Deng Zijun originally didn’t have much thought, but when he saw this woman, he immediately had a feeling.

The one who plays Sister Xia is Ye Yuqin, which is a dream lover in the eyes of many post-8090s.

Countless people have her figure in their young and frivolous dreams.

Sister Xia sat down, she was not embarrassed, after all, she had seen too many men.

“Deng Shao, say, how can you let us go!”

Now it is not only a matter of the twelve young people, but also a matter of Sister Xia.

If Deng Zijun does not let go, all nightclubs will be closed, and she will be accused of bankruptcy.

Deng Zijun smiled sinisterly

“I don’t understand this, what are you called!”

Sister Xia lit a cigarette, and the feeling of the red lips spitting smoke was very sexy.

“Deng Shao, don’t pretend to be confused!”

Deng Zijun said with a smile

“What is called pretending to be confused, how do I know if there will be a bugging device in your clothes, in your bag!”

Sister Xia is also a character, and she smiled when she heard this

“How do you want me to prove it!”

Deng Zijun wants to be both a bitch and a torii, with a naïve look

“I don’t know, you can figure it out yourself!”


Sister Xia gritted her teeth and took off her clothes one by one, leaving only her underwear and bumpy body.

Deng Zijun still shook his head, smiled slightly, and held the liquor glass in his hand to admire it carefully.

“Don’t go too far!”

Sister Xia’s face turned red, after all, she had been alone for so many years.

Deng Zijun drank the liquor in the glass and said very pervertedly

“If you want to talk, continue, if you don’t want to talk, get out!”

Sister Xia had no choice but to follow Deng Zijun’s ideas.

It’s really honest now.

She stood up, turned around, and signaled that she couldn’t hide anything on her!

Deng Zijun motioned for Linda to take the clothes and bags away and throw them in another room.

Sister Xia looked at Deng Zijun’s eyes, not too much desire but very clear.

She knew her plan had failed.

The best way for a woman to use is naturally a beauty measure, but although Deng Zijun is a color embryo, he is definitely not a person at the mercy of others.

“Now it’s okay!”

Deng Zijun nodded, he was not only the one who wanted Sister Xia, but also tore all the proud strength in her.

Linda will be the canary in the future, and Sister Kasumi will be more useful than her!

“I’ll give you the opportunity, but see if you can seize it!”

Deng Zijun looked at Sister Xia and said with a little playfulness

“Sister Xia, I want to ask you, what are you called!”

Sister Xia didn’t react and blurted out

“That is, you don’t embarrass me and twelve them!”

But as soon as this sentence came out, her face changed all of a sudden!

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