Deng Zijun had a whim and told Big Eagle

“Find you a few little brothers and buy all the masks from the surrounding pharmacies and clinics!”

“Uh, okay Deng Shao!”

The mouth promised well, but in the actual heart, he thought, why is he so lacking in morality.

After a while, several little brothers came back with a large number of masks.

Deng Zijun covered his head, this person is really stupid.

“Don’t hurry up and put it in the car!”

It was useless how Asir communicated over there, not only that, but the smell was getting heavier and heavier.

“Open the door!”

Asir was also angry, and the two shops not only cooked there, but also fried chili oil.

This stinky and spicy taste is comparable to a bioweapon.

The people inside were also uncomfortable, fortunately with gas masks, and there were several oxygen cylinders in the house.

Seeing that Asir was angry, the people inside only said helplessly

“Asir, we can’t get out, the boss is welded to death, or you go to the boss!”

But then he said a word, which completely made Asir extinguish the fire.

“But to tell you, our boss is from the Miziqi country, and when he returns to China, he will hand you the phone.”

“The boss said, this is his lawyer’s phone, contact them if you have questions!”

Asir stretched out his thumb, his face was no longer livid, he said while spitting

“You guys are awesome!”

At this time, there was no one on the whole street, and even the small bosses who did business could not stand it.

Han Bin is finally here, and this is not his main source of income, but it is also important.

Temple Street is not as expensive as Causeway Bay, but seriously, just like the dead Big B in Causeway Bay, he only dares to collect protection fees for bars and nightclubs.

Those high-rise buildings, he did not dare to go, after all, the owners there are tycoons.

Temple Street is different, all small bosses, and there is a few money in their hands, but there is no power.

They dare not speak out about the protection money.

So here is the most pleasant and timely to put away.

Whether it’s a community or a tycoon, cash flow is very important.

What’s more, this is also about Han Bin’s face.

The confused boy is also to face, people pay protection money, you have to keep people.

Otherwise, it won’t take long for this place to be robbed.

But as soon as Han Bin came, the two shops were good, and they simply ignored him.

Inch-thick iron plate, unless you use a cutting machine, even if you use a cutting machine, you can’t cut it in an hour.

But people won’t call the police.

Don’t forget that the boss on the account is the master of these policemen, and they can’t afford to offend.

Han Bin got off the car, drank some wine himself, smelled this smell again, and immediately vomited.

The vomit was so loud that he almost vomited out bile.

“Go and buy some masks!”

Han Bin came to Twelve very rampantly and asked angrily

“What the hell is going on!”

Twelve’s personality is also a little arrogant, but he can only endure it in front of Han Bin.

Tang Qiushui came to Han Bin with a smile on his face

“Big brother, we don’t know what’s going on.”

As soon as he wanted to explain, Han Bin slapped him over

“Grass, I’m talking to twelve, what are you interjecting!”

Twelve pairs of fists clenched.

But Han Bin’s finger poked directly at his face

“Clench your fists, it’s very powerful, believe it or not, I you all at once!”

The horse boy came over trembling

“Big brother, the masks are sold out!”

Han Bin understood at that time that someone was him.

“Who bought it!”

Ma Zi pointed in Deng Zijun’s direction

“Big guy, it’s those few people, they bought masks on the entire street, but don’t worry, big guy, I arranged for people to buy them elsewhere!”

Han Bin nodded, this little brother is still quite excited.

He turned to glance at Twelve

“Still watching here, just those few people are ghosts, don’t you claim to be the twelve young people in Temple Street, and there are more than a dozen godfathers and godmothers, I will give you a chance to get those people!”

Twelve Shao nodded, turned back and took the slash.

Han Binyin smiled, although he didn’t see Deng Zijun, these people were not ordinary at first glance.

This man is very smart, he is not absolutely sure that he will definitely not do it himself.

Twelve is scolded and anxious, he will not be so reckless on weekdays.

Tang Qiushui tried to hold Twelve, although he had no reputation, but after so many years of mixing in the rivers and lakes, he could see through many things.

But Twelfth was a little arrogant on weekdays, plus Tang Qiushui was slapped in the face, which can be regarded as a disaster without arrogance.

Angry, how could he think so thoroughly when he was young and vigorous.

Deng Zijun was watching the play here, but he didn’t expect that a kid actually came over with a machete.

And Han Bin, who should have been angry, was holding a handkerchief and covering his nose to watch the play.

Deng Zijun extended a thumb to Han Bin and made a shooting gesture instead.

Han Bin’s face changed slightly, and he turned back to ask his little brother

“Can you tell who it is?”

One of the younger brothers suddenly spoke, and he was a little hesitant

“It seems to be Big Eagle’s subordinates!”

“Big Eagle? Who is that! ”

Han Bin was a little surprised, and after thinking about it carefully, he finally remembered.

“Go! Let’s go back and inform the surrounding bosses that this month’s protection fee will be halved! ”

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