Pan Sheng got the answer he wanted.

But shook his head helplessly, the strength of the number gang is still far from that of Liansheng.

Chen Huimin is also Deng Guohua’s junior brother, and both used to work in a bitter kiln, that is, prison guards.

It’s strange, what does Confused Boy want sumac sap to do.

Sumac sap is only owned by the Chinese state, and the production is not high.

Sumaca, on the other hand, can concoct mysterious and elegant enamel lacquer, which has not been paid attention to by inland parties.

But who would have thought that a confused boy would buy all the sumac sap for a large price.

In this way, even if Pan Sheng gets the Dupeng costume, it will not help.

Dupeng clothing is not only selling clothes, but also many companion products.

This series of blows completely shattered Pan Sheng’s plan.

In 1985, Pan Sheng went to Dupeng Clothing to talk about the agent of the East Asian circle, but he did not expect to be rejected.

The words of rejection are very hurtful, and even have the feeling of discrimination against Chinese.

Since then, Pan Sheng has made a wish to buy Dupeng clothing, for which he carefully planned for nearly two years.

Unexpectedly, overnight, the plan all failed.

This made Pan Sheng, who had always been invincible, inevitably a little discouraged.

At this moment, a phone call suddenly came in, and Pan Sheng picked it up politely.

“Hello, who!”

A voice that he was not familiar with came

“Pan Sheng, yes, my name is Deng Zijun, if it’s convenient, let’s talk alone!”

Pan Sheng reacted immediately, and he said with a smile

“Okay, wait a minute!”

After that, he waved his hand to let Yang Ziqiang leave.

The call lasted for a long time, and Pan Sheng’s face was full of anger for a while, and he smiled again.

Some are like neuropathy.

But in the end, he hung up the phone satisfied.

He knows what he needs most, and his opponent can give him what he needs.

In that case, isn’t that the best of both worlds.

Although he had some doubts about why the other party could grasp his lifeblood so accurately.

But everyone has their own secrets.

At this time, Deng Zijun was ready to leave Xiangjiang and go to Yingchan.

Now that you’re pretty much what you want to do, Eagle Sauce is the last step.

It’s time to draw a comma for the time being.

The period is impossible, he hasn’t played enough.

Even if the opponent wants to end now, he does not agree.

Despite Mayer’s reluctance, there was nothing she could do.

Both sides had their own jobs, and Mayer decided to go to the ancient country of the East.

Deng Zijun also wanted to go, but now was not the time.

He cannot influence Mayer’s judgment because of himself, which is an unfairness to China and Laiya Group.

Finally back.

The nine-striped dragon also came back one step ahead of schedule, and he was followed by several large men with strong physiques.

These people were surprised why the big boss of Xiangjiang would know their names and their difficulties.

A huge sum of money was spent to bring them from small, remote inland cities to Xiangjiang.

They didn’t know that this money, which they couldn’t earn in a lifetime, was just a drop in the bucket for Deng Zijun.

Every day he keeps more interest on his deposits in the bank than he gives them.

This can be regarded as fulfilling one of Deng Jianguo’s wishes.

Even though the world is peculiar, with Deng Jianguo, he died on the battlefield of Annan last year.

Many of his comrades, however, have returned to their hometowns.

There is no doubt about the ability of these comrades-in-arms, and Deng Zijun’s men also lack manpower.

Solved their difficulties, and bought their lives with money in disguise.

It is the fairest and most reasonable for both parties!

It’s already April, and April in Xiangjiang is already spring.

The nine-striped dragon was very well-behaved, and he finally understood why Deng Shao would let him go inland.

It’s poor, it’s big, and the opportunities are really big.

It can be said that the money there is inexhaustible.

What is it to be a confused boy, one is prestigious, not bullied, and the main thing is money.

Xiangjiang is a place where money is more closed than everything.

Going inland is really eye-catching.

Deng Zijun stepped off the plane and roared

“Roar, Xiangjiang, I’m back!”

The people around looked at Deng Zijun with strange eyes again.

What a weird person, wearing simple and generous clothes, obviously worth a lot, but speaking so rustic.

A strong contrast is formed.

The nine-striped dragon habitually touched his nose, and this boss has always had a bit of a brain problem.

Just get used to it!

He still stepped forward and said respectfully

“Deng Shao, welcome home!”

Deng Zijun patted him on the shoulder

“Hard work!”

“What’s so hard, the inland meals are good, this time I’m fat!”

When the group returned to Deep Water Bay, Deng Zijun did not talk much to Deng Jianguo’s comrades-in-arms.

He was not familiar with these people, and for a while he really couldn’t think of any more suitable place to place them.

These people are fierce and have all been on the battlefield.

Compared to the so-called big circle and the Flying Tigers of Naxiangjiang, it is a little more powerful.

After all, these people have more than one life on them.

But Deng Zijun can’t use it for the time being!

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