Deng Zijun was thinking about how he also came to look for trouble.

After that, his so-called “Wang Bao” spirit was revealed, and how many sons of wealthy families knelt down and admitted defeat.

What a good online novel theme this is, it must be popular.

Unfortunately, no.

He underestimated the strength of the Laiya Group, at least in the top ten of Gaul.

And most of the shares of Laiya Group are in Mayer’s hands.

He didn’t know that the “Sun Tzu Art of War” he introduced to Mayer had long been memorized.

Deng Zijun was actually a fool, and he hadn’t seen it.

Even the paparazzi who followed around in the past few days are gone, all of them have disappeared.

The reason is also very simple, any print media and TV media, cosmetics advertising costs are definitely ranked first.

Offend no one, and do not offend your own gold lord.

On the fifth day of coming to Gaul, Mayer came to Deng Zijun with a smile.

“My dear, or do you have vision.”

Deng Zijun was confused, he didn’t know what was happening.

But he still sat there pretending to be profound, without raising his eyelids.

“The franchise rights of these brands you want, I am communicating, I didn’t expect that in addition to the country of Yin today, Xiangjiang is also so developed!”

The more Mayer spoke, the more excited he became

“Not only that, but what Napoleon called the lion!”

Mayer was not idle these days, she not only took the Dupeng costume, but also specially contacted the personnel of the Gallic consulate in China.

In her opinion, Hua Guo is definitely a big country, but no matter what the news she gets from any media, it is a poor country that has not even solved the problem of food and clothing.

Although China is not yet rich, its development potential is far beyond Mayer’s imagination.

This can be seen by many truly visionaries, both in Gaul and in Eagle Sauce.

However, at this time, the cosmetics of Laiya Group are still relatively high-end and have not spread downward.

Even so, the consul told Mayer that even the sales of luxury goods in China were terrifying.

Although it is true that there are very few people who can afford it now, the base is too large.

Even if only one person out of 10,000 can afford luxury goods, that’s a billion people.

Laiya Group has fallen into a bottleneck, and it is very difficult to expand the scale.

For such a large group, any small growth is a breakthrough.

Mayer simply loves this man, in her heart, Deng Zijun must love her deeply, as much as she loves Deng Zijun!

Few luxury brands have entered China now.

Who would have thought that a Pilka, such a suit with the most third-tier brand in Europa, could actually make so much money in China.

Deng Zijun was still confused, but it was good to get the Dupeng costume.

Mayer excitedly kissed Deng Zijun several times on the face.

This annoyed Deng Zijun, and he kept wiping.

The more he wiped, the closer Mayer became, and finally wiped back and forth and onto the bed.

Deng Zijun secretly cried bitterly, only tired cattle, no ploughed fields!

After the storm, you can always see a rainbow.

Mayer took out a document and handed it to Deng Zijun

“This is 4% of the shares of Laiya Group, it’s not that I am reluctant to give more, but more than five points need to be reported, you also know that some old antiques are still full of prejudice against Chinese people!”

“I don’t want it, what do I want this thing for!”

Unexpectedly Meyer, Deng Zijun didn’t even look at it, and shook his head vigorously.

Hearing this, Mayer was even happier, there were really many men chasing her.

She knew in her heart that she was not the kind of peerless beauty, and the purpose of these people was money.

“No need for you to answer, I got your identity information, and it’s already over!”

(Naturally, it is not so simple, simplified in the novel).

Deng Zijun knew that Mayer loved her very much, but he could not return anything but children.

He couldn’t help but touch his face, could it be that his face was so valuable?

Four percent of the stock must be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, although he is not short of money. But with so much money, he was almost blinded.

Isn’t this a loser.

At this time, Deng Zijun suddenly remembered a sentence, that is, ,

“Auntie, I don’t want to work hard!”

Of course I can’t say it, I’m afraid of being beaten!

How good this is.

He put his arm around Mayer and said with a kiss

“Set aside a little money at the end of the year, I will use it!”

Mayer is good at this, don’t look a little older, but he knows that it hurts, and he never asks much.

“How much you want, tell me in advance!”

In fact, Deng Zijun did not want to make up for the excitement at the end of the year, and the most sensational thing in 1987 was the stock market crash.

A few people who crossed this point did not know, and Deng Jianguo and the old Gada knew it.

But there was a strong feeling that Mayer was pregnant.

In this case, how can he, the father, have to make a little milk powder money.

Although there may be more than 100 million points, the wool of the beautiful country does not consume white.

I can also take this opportunity to let those old stubborns in Xiangjiang know what pain is.

Mayer suddenly said a word, which made Deng Zijun even more happy.

“I made an appointment with the personnel of Hua Guo in the evening to discuss the investment together, do you want to go together!”

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