The fragrant river in early spring, the sun is shining.

The breeze blew on Wu Jiali’s face, making her feel springy.

Deng Zijun sat alone in the mansion, how did he look a little lonely.

But no one noticed that there was a different kind of excitement on his face.

“It’s getting more and more fun!”

He was talking to himself. A young and energetic voice came out of his mouth.

“Uncle Deng, do you say you killed her or destroyed her!”

In an instant, he seemed to have changed into a person, and his voice became old and slightly low

“Women, you are not lacking, don’t play, kill if you are not used to it!”

The young voice sounded again

“That’s boring!”

“Forget it, after all, there is an overnight party.”

“Well, listen to you!”

Deng Zijun dialed the familiar number again

“Brain, do things. It’s a female star this time! ”

A hoarse voice came from the other side

“What a result?”

“If you die, you will get it!”


Wu Jiali had a complaint in her heart at this time, Deep Water Bay is not a taxi.

This man is like this, he doesn’t recognize people when he takes it out, and he doesn’t know how to find a car to send himself.

She wore high heels on her feet and walked a long way to the bus stop.

Deng Zijun handed over the task to the brain and dialed Yangsi’s phone instead

“Yangsi, arrange for someone to book me a ticket to Gaul.”

“Okay, Deng Shao! I’ll check, three o’clock in the afternoon! ”

Deng Zijun hung up the phone and called his father

“Old Dou, I’m going to go to Gaul, and I’ll come back in about half a month!”

Deng Bo felt a little sorry in his heart, it seems that he is very good at making money, but his mental endurance is too poor.

Such a little twist and turn, you can’t bear it.

But Deng Bo did not explain, in his opinion, young people cannot be smooth sailing, and a little twist and turn is a good thing.

“Go ahead, just take a break.”

In Deng Bo’s opinion, when Zijun came back, he was telling him why this happened.

Xiangjiang is Xiangjiang, which seems to be a free port.

In fact, there are countless shackles.

Yonago Country’s foreign devils, ancient traditions, and the evil of the human heart.

These are invisible and intangible walls.

Back then, Luo Ge wanted to break this wall, but he returned.

Is the establishment of Lian Xia simply for the integrity of Xiangjiang?

How is it possible.

Deng Zijun didn’t care about Wu Jiali’s affairs at all, just a woman.

One million Hong Kong paper seems to be a lot of money, but it is nothing to him.

He was indeed a little angry, but the object of anger was only himself.

I still think a little simple, Xiangjiang is Xiangjiang.

In fact, not only Xiangjiang, but most of the world.

All have a wall.

But today, Deng Zijun is about to let this wall collapse.

You can make the rules, but so can I.

He had recruited the nine-striped dragon and asked very frankly and directly

“Go inland, dare not!”

At this time, in the eyes of the Xiangjiang people, the inland was a mysterious and poor place.

Many of them went back to Shencheng to pack a second milk, but they didn’t know anything about Xiangli’s place.

The nine-striped dragon was undaunted

“Deng Shao, whether it’s going to split friends or what to do, I won’t be afraid!”

Deng Zijun sneered

“If you are sick, I will let you do regular business and cut some friends.” But this time is very important, it is related to my face, do well, you want, all of it! ”

“If you don’t do well, don’t come back!” Dare or not! ”

The nine-striped dragon exhaled deeply, mixed society, there is no tomorrow today.

He followed Deng Shao, isn’t it for this day, he wants to tell the world that although he is a cripple, he is also a man.

“No problem, Deng Shao.”

Deng Zijun leaned on the sofa and lit a cigarette

“This mission is not heavy, relatively simple, but let you go through is to let you understand the minds of inland people. Remember that it is completely different from Xiangjiang! ”

“Also, the customs in each place may be different, don’t just look with your eyes, look with your heart!”

The Nine-Patterned Dragon took the document written by Deng Zijun in advance and read it several times very carefully.

When all this was in his head, he took out a lighter and lit the information.

Deng Zijun was stunned as he watched the Nine-Patterned Dragon take out a lighter.

Quickly took a glass of water, instantly doused it, and cursed

“Your brain is in water, this is a document, we are not spies, we are sick!” It’s really on fire, who can run! ”

The nine-striped dragon’s face was full of embarrassment, and he also scolded in his heart, damn it, I saw 007 too much.

Deng Zijun was quite helpless

“I know you look at 007, but it’s a pity for your feet, otherwise it’s also an interesting thing for 007 to change his yellow skin to play.”

Wait until you come back, go to Eagle Sauce and check carefully to see if you can cure it! ”

“By the way, tell the big head, just open the bar obediently, just don’t deal with things in the rivers and lakes!”

Deng Zijun sat on the plane to Gaul, still looking triumphant.

Still humming that tuneous ditty.

This made Tian Yangzhi very helpless, is this a gray departure.

Maybe count it, but Deng Zijun is still so happy.

He wanted to ask something, but couldn’t open his mouth.

I’m afraid of getting beaten!

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