The big eagle rushed in and rushed straight to the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel.

The hall instantly became very useful.

Everyone with machetes, steel pipes, imposing.

The big eagle came to the nine-striped dragon.


After that, nearly a hundred people shouted at Deng Zijun in unison

“Deng Shao!”

“Oh my mother, it scares me to death!”

Deng Zijun patted his little heart on the podium

“Little voice, didn’t you see me talking!”

He turned his head to look at Xiang Qiang

“You are the big guy of the society, come on, come up, you said what I said is right!”

At this time, Deng Bo had already received a call from the person below, but he did not say a word more about this matter.

When the child grows up, he should also break in on his own.

Big things, with his father carrying it.

With the current prestige of Helian Sheng, there is really nothing too afraid of except for the governor of Shanghai.

Dunbo’s phone rang again, and this one had to be answered.

A slightly awkward Xiangjiang voice came from the other end of the phone

“Mr. Deng, I’m Luo Shi, I haven’t had tea together for a long time.”

Ross Kerry, the current leader of the Kerry Group, is still full of temperament at the age of nearly 90.

“Yes, since Brother Luo left Xiangjiang, we may not see each other for a long time!”

Although this old fox is a foreign devil, he has been in Xiangjiang for decades, and his connections naturally need not be mentioned.

His only advantage is that he does not exclude the Chinese, and he is relatively supportive of the return of Xiangjiang.

Of course, there are indispensable reasons for interests, but overall, he is still a relatively good foreign devil.

Roth did not hide it

“Old fellow, it’s not appropriate to do this on the peninsula, tell your cubs, don’t make a big deal, okay!”

Deng Bo is also an old fox, pretending not to know anything

“Mr. Luo, I don’t know what happened!”

“Old friend, don’t pretend, if it’s too big, no one will end well.”

Deng Bo pouted, he was an old friend when he could use it, and he was a urine pot when he couldn’t use it.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Luo Shi, I’ll ask what’s going on.”

Hanging up the phone, Deng Bo got up

“Don’t answer the phone tonight, don’t answer any of them except the phone calls of Junzai and Ah Kun! I’m tired, sleep! ”

Dunber returned to his bedroom with a smile, he had arranged everything.

Just see if there is a need to make it that big.

Deng Zijun also didn’t know what happened, he looked at the reddest star in Xiangjiang.

At this time, the people of The Peninsula Hotel gathered more and more, and even O Kee received countless complaint calls.

More than a dozen police cars rushed over, but seeing this scene at the scene was also a headache.

Although there are dozens of bad guys, all of them are loaded with live ammunition, the situation on the scene is really amazing.

Nearly a thousand people gathered in front of the Peninsula Hotel.

Uncle Kun had told them before he came, not to bring weapons.

Everyone holds a glass bottle of soda, which is not illegal.

Han Wanming scratched his head from the car, but at this time he had to get out of the car.

He saw Big B at a glance and came straight to him.

“Big B, today and Ji are making trouble, what are you Hongxing doing here!”

Big B drank his soda nonchalantly

“Han Sir, it’s illegal to drink soda, not to mention Deng Shao is my friend, come and see what happened!”

The brothers next to him and Liansheng also shouted

“It’s illegal to drink soda, O Ji is so powerful, he even drinks soda!”

Han Wanming pushed and shoved everyone, and finally squeezed out a way.

At this time, in the hall, Uncle Kun stood in front of Deng Zijun and whispered

“Deng Shao, the big guy said, what do you want to do, and Liansheng 70,000 people support you.”

Deng Zijun wondered what this was for.

He is here to be reasonable, and he is not a triad horse.

Boss Zou came over and said to Deng Zijun

“Houshengzai, I know your identity, I often drink tea with your old dou, today is Ah Fa did something wrong, I asked him to apologize to you, okay, don’t make such a big deal!”

Deng Zijun scratched his head, he still maintained a certain respect for the old man.

“Did I do it, old man, behind the ear, he scolded me first!”

When Boss Zou heard others talk like this, he suddenly became angry.

But what can be done, who let Ah Fa scold everyone.

After all, this time Zhou Minfa came to the celebration banquet for the sake of the word Jiahe, and he must ensure the safety of others.

Otherwise, his reputation will completely fall to the bottom.

“Housheng Zai, what do you want, it’s really wrong to scold the Beiyan, but don’t ask for Ah Fa’s life!”

Deng Zijun was even more puzzled

“You have a disease in the brain, or you are in the water, when did I say that I want someone’s life!”

“Xiangjiang is a legal society, and if you can’t move, you will kill people, that is the underworld!”

Deng Zijun said with displeasure

“I’m a good family!”

Everyone down there is going to spray blood, this is not a joke.

You gathered more than a thousand dwarf mules, but all of them were beaters, not to grab territory, not to kill people.

Zou Wenhuai was also stunned, he looked at Xiang Qiang, and wanted to ask in his heart

“What the hell do you clubs think?”

Xiang Qiang’s eyes widened, he didn’t know.

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