The foreskin in the sack has been smashed, and the corpse has rotted into a mess of flesh.

Yang Tian couldn’t help but spit it out, making Tianyangzhi wrinkle his nose.

What a poor child, if he saw Deng Shao make a move, wouldn’t he be frightened.

“Pack up the rotten meat and sink into the sea for a while!”

The big head did all this, and he had a feeling of soullessness at this time.

It was only when a gasoline drum filled with cement sank to the bottom of the sea.

Don’t look at him as Hongxing’s famous beater, but what’s the use.

It was also the first time he killed someone, the first time he divided the body, the first time he threw the body into the bottom of the sea.

Being able to maintain his current sobriety, he can already be regarded as having a very strong mental quality.

When he came to Deep Water Bay in the car, his eyes were worth it.

Any mansion here is something he can’t earn in his whole life.

This was a place he never dared to dream of in his life, and something suddenly gave birth to his heart

It’s called “Ambition! ”

The big head came, and he became very honest at this time, who was still a little unruly.

Tianyangzhi said a word about Deng Shao, and he also hurriedly said

“Deng Shao!”

Deng Zijun smiled and motioned for the two to sit down.

The big head asked cautiously

“I don’t know what Deng Shao is looking for me, what I can do must be done!”

“Thank you Major Deng for rescuing me, thank you very much!”

Deng Zijun waved his hand

“It’s all trifles!”

He took a document from the table and threw it to the big head

“This is a bar in Causeway Bay, and the legal representative is you!”

“Can you hold it and make him bigger.”

Although the big head is not a smart person, he is not a stupid person.

He immediately understood the meaning of this Deng Shao in front of him.

The big head said obediently

“Deng Shao, Causeway Bay is Brother B’s territory, now even if I go back to Hongxing, it’s useless, he likes Chen Haonan!”

Deng Zijun threw over a cigarette and smiled unchanged

“Taste it, the inland Chinese smoke, the fragrance is mellow.”

“I know what you said, Big B owes you, and he should pay it back, if he doesn’t pay it back, he can also take his life!”

The big head said quickly

“Deng Shao, you are powerful, but Hong Xing is not so easy to solve, I know what you mean, but killing people can’t solve the problem!”

Deng Zijun was surprised, this big mind is not stupid.

In fact, he also found that he was a little anxious, if the underworld of Xiangjiang was so easy to solve, the future life would not be so troublesome.

The big head is right, killing people alone will not solve the problem.

“Well, you’re right, but if he owes you, he should pay you something back.” Rest assured that someone will support you! ”

Deng Zijun asked, “What are the other difficulties?” ”

The big head thought about it carefully, and he said very calmly

“I don’t have enough people under me, I can’t beat Chen Haonan.”

Deng Zijun smiled, this problem is the best to handle.

“If you want the Annan people, or the big circle.”

The big head pondered for a moment

“It’s better to be from Xiangjiang!”

The big head could tell from the cigarette Deng Zijun was smoking what kind of person this was, but he still said very calmly

“Deng Shao, it’s not that I look down on the inland people, everyone has the same roots and ancestors, they are all the same, but Xiangjiang still looks down on the inland people a little.”

Deng Zijun nodded, this is an indisputable fact.

He has a large circle of votes and a vote of Annanese, but there are still not many people on the Xiangjiang side.

“I’ll give you a few big circles, all of them are good, but the people of Xiangjiang need you to solve it yourself!”

“By the way, the bar is ready there, I think it will open in three days, can it be done!”

“No problem.”

The big head chopped the iron and cut the nail.

He was just about to leave, but Deng Zijun called out to him

“By the way, the bar may need to be renovated after opening, and I will arrange for someone to send the money at that time.”

The big head sighed

“Okay, Deng Shao!”

After the big head left, Tianyang Zhi said nonchalantly

“Deng Shao, how can you use such trouble, who is in your way, isn’t it good to kill.” It’s like killing that sliver. ”

Deng Zijun stood up, came to the window, and patiently explained

“Xiangjiang has a population of six million, of which there are nearly half a million dwarf mules.”

“Chen Haonan is a coincidence, you can get to this day, you know how many Chen Haonan are among these 500,000 people!”

“Kill the strip, it’s him who wears this leather, but he doesn’t follow the rules, and now we haven’t set up the rules!”

Tianyangzhi seems to understand non-understanding,

“You’re a big guy, what you say is what you say. I don’t understand! ”

Deng Zijun smiled dumbly and scolded with a smile

“I told you to read more, and none of you listened.”

Tianyangzhi is even more unconcerned

“Deng Shao, you have wronged me for this, I have been in Xiangjiang for so long, and I bought all the dragons, tigers and leopards every issue.”

“Fuck off, I don’t want to talk to you, go to Oji, your brother should come out too.”

Everyone left, and Deng Zijun danced Deng Jianguo’s favorite big Yang song there, which was very comfortable.

After three days, it will be fun.

In Deng Jianguo’s memory, that confused boy was not a good movie.

At that time, many descendants in their village learned bad by watching this movie.

What is there to see, it is not as good as tunnel battles, the great cause of building the country.

Of course, Deng Zijun doesn’t think so.

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