Deng Zijun quickly dialed the second call

“Lawyer Li!”

After that, he repeated what he had said before.

Hung up the phone, Deng Zijun still smiled, he sat down, lit a cigarette,

“This is a Chinese cigarette from China, more mellow than the Marlboro you smoke. Do you want to give it a try! ”

“By the way, I forgot to tell you, the other end of the phone just now is Xiangjiang barrister, Li Guonong.”


Hearing this name, Han Wanming’s body was shaken, and the faces of those who were imposing before suddenly changed.

Li Guonong, now one of the top three barristers in Heungjiang, has repeatedly won cases that others see as inevitable, and his background is amazing.

He is one of the few lawyers who claim to be Chinese among all the barristers in Heungjiang, and he is also the most difficult one.

Deng Zijun’s attitude was even more arrogant, and he took out a few business cards and threw them on the table.

And introduce them one by one,

“This is the business card of the prince of the Miziqi, I am not familiar with him, but there are some economic contacts.”

“This is the current president of the Miziqiguo Oil Company’s call, I’m sorry, the contemptible people have some oil wells in some places, and the relationship with them is not bad.”

Deng Zijun walked out from the writing desk, came to Han Wanming’s side, and asked very considerately

“I don’t know, which call do you want me to make!”

One by one, he pointed to all the Asirs who had broken into his house

“I don’t have the power to get you to take off this outfit, but believe it or not, I can sue you for ruining your family and get out!”

The Mizi Banner Country is their current suzerainty, and a dog of the people is nobler than them.

Even though he knew that what Deng Zijun said was not necessarily true, he did not dare to gamble.

He couldn’t afford to mess with the owners of those two previous calls.

The sweat on Han Wanming’s forehead was ticking down at this time, and he forcibly endured the humiliation in his heart and lowered his head

“I’m sorry, Mr. Deng, I was wrong.”

Deng Zijun waved his hand, ignoring their presence at all.

At this time, although Han Wanming lowered his head, he roared wildly in his heart.

Don’t let me find evidence, find it and you.

Heavenly health, you can’t run!

After everyone left, Deng Zijun’s face was very embarrassed.

This is the territory of the Chinese people, but he had to take out foreign devils to deter them.

This is not a shame.

Fortunately, now Xiangjiang is the place of the rice banner country, if the relationship between Yingchan and there would have been severed long ago.

I have to admit that the Asirs of Xiangjiang are very efficient, and it only took two hours to find natural health.

At this time, Tian Yangsheng was eating at a hotel, and eating with him was Huang Renda, the apprentice of lawyer Li Guonong.

When Asir took Tianyangsheng away, Huang Renda filmed all the conditions of Tianyangsheng’s body in advance.

And warned Han Wanming that if there was any problem with Tianyang, he would tell him to the end.

Han Wanming could only endure it.

At this time, Deng Zijun dialed Tianyangsi’s phone

“Have the people I want to meet arranged?”

Yangsi said coquettishly

“Deng Shao, you don’t want me either, so you know to let me do things.”

These delicate words made Deng Zijun’s mood much better

“Okay, good, what you say, I don’t tease you, otherwise I’m afraid that Tianyang will force me to marry you.”

Tianyang Si pouted, full of displeasure, he didn’t look ugly, why can’t he marry me.

Forget it, don’t play around, it’s more critical to get down to business.

“Deng Shao, you are being watched very closely by the sliver now, do you want to slow down.”

Deng Zijun thought for a while, and Yangsi was right.

Yesterday’s incident was indeed a little reckless, but it was also a vent of his long-suppressed anger.

The next day, early in the morning!

Ma Jiaohong (the ex-girlfriend of the nine-striped dragon) returned to his home with a tired body.

She is also a famous newcomer in Xiangjiang, who is fierce and vicious, and has also broken into a lot of fame.

Just came home, naturally I had to take a shower and wash up.

But today’s water heater can’t be turned on anyway, which makes her very irritable.

In desperation, she had to find a stool and stand up, she wanted to see if the socket was not pressed.

There was a stool not far away, and she took it without thinking and stood up.

Unexpectedly, this stool suddenly had a leg suddenly broken.

Ma Jiaohong was caught off guard, and the whole person fell off the stool.

Who expected that the direction in which her head fell was a screwdriver stuck in the gap.

The sharp screwdriver pierced the back of her head and killed her instantly.

An hour later, someone entered her room and looked at the beautiful corpse and shook her head helplessly.

The first step was successful, and it was so unfulfilling.

Originally designed several accidents, alas!

She herself is a confused woman, and it is common for her to disappear for three or five days.

Although it was not long after the end of the New Year, the temperature in Xiangjiang was always very high.

It wasn’t until the body stinked that it was found.

After investigating and concluding that this was accidentally caused, the Asirs appealed not to be greedy, even the most ordinary furniture should choose excellent quality.

The child was selected by a charitable foundation and sent abroad, and the nine-striped dragon did not know about it.

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