How the Shadow of the Marquis Lives

How the Shadow of the Marquis Lives

후작가의 그림자가 살아가는 법

130 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 37 days ago


“Little boy. You look a lot like my son.”

A boy who became the shadow of a noble boy just because his face was similar.
The boy lives in order to one day die in place of the young master.

But one day
Young master died instantly in an unfortunate accident.

“I cannot lose my ‘son’ yet. Do you know what I mean?”

The boy was now a real ‘brother’ and he had to live on.

‘This is an opportunity.’

The boy has no intention of living the life of the master instead.

academy entrance ceremony
A boy standing with an oath in his hand as the best entrance student
Steps Into Living His Own Life!

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