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“Others have cheats, what’s the matter if I only have one forum?”

Determined to post: I, the heir of D’s will, will cleanse the decaying world government and the dragon people! Please testify for me, and also welcome valuable comments from experienced friends!
——Posted by: D. Dorrag

Huh? Is the landlord going against the system of the whole society? Looks like me and encourages you!
——Responder: SOX teaches forever

Raiders discussion post: On the operating principle and usage of aspirational objects.
——Poster: Lord of the Virtual Night Palace

It seems similar to the props that can make alchemy not follow the “equivalent exchange” principle. We can add a friend.
——Responder: Brother of Iron Man

I also know a kind of props that can realize the desire, called “Soul of Four Souls”, but now it is broken.
——Responder: The dog beeped so well

This is a noble administrator who uses forums to travel across the world and protect world peace …

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