Deep spoiled I: The beloved of the Devil's Boss

Deep spoiled I: The beloved of the Devil's Boss

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The devil will only love in his own way, and deep love only at the right time - she stands in the wind with tears, her white face is not a trace of blood, pale and terrible, her long white dress dances with the wind, even if the whole person releases the Buddha, she will go with the wind; He was less than three meters away from her. His resolute face was full of remorse. He stared at her with red eyes and dared not move forward; "Gaga, stop making trouble and come here." he still commanded, but his low hoarse voice was filled with endless panic; She glanced at him and sneered, "Bu Dongze, you can't command me again. In this life, I jingjiajia fell in love with you because I was too stupid and woke up after you broke my family! I want you to spend the rest of your life in endless regret and remorse, so that I can rest in peace and be worthy of my dead father and unborn child!" "Jiajia, be obedient, come here, for our unborn child." his tone was no longer a little tough, but a plea. She lowered her head and stroked her swollen abdomen. Tears fell on the cold iron plate under her feet. She suddenly raised her head and found that he was approaching. She scolded - "Bu Dongze, stop!" "Gaga, you can punish me as much as you want. Please, don't leave me..." two lines of glittering tears slipped down the face of the once ruthless man. "You can't think!" she left this sentence and really went with the wind - he only had time to grasp a piece of white silk at the corner of her skirt...


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