December 25th Christmas,  Wen Chuxia and Lin Huai's new songs landed on major music platforms.

    Wen Chuxia still doesn’t want to form a group, and it doesn’t matter if a group of two people can’t make it,  Lin Huai continues to follow his music route, and Wen Chuxia will cooperate if necessary,   Other times, Wen Chuxia just wanted to be lazy at home and do nothing.

    Lin Huai said: "Also,  I am responsible for making money to support my family, and you are responsible for eating flowers."

     Be quiet.

    "In Your Name" has also entered the publicity stage. During this time, Wen Chuxia was almost running around with the crew.

    Above his head, his legs were stretched out long, leaning on Lin Huai's shoulders, half asleep.

    Lin Huai muttered while swiping Weibo, "This cp,  that cp, are you a centipede!"

    The TV series has not been broadcast yet, but after a few publicity, netizens began to hit the "orthopaedic cp". The crew also intends to make this a gimmick. The more cruel they will be, the more they will be abused on air.

    Lin Huai glanced at Wen Chuxia, "I really want to lock you at home."

    Wen Chuxia ticked slightly at the corner of her mouth,  "Buy you a lock another day."

    Lin Huai asked in a low voice, "How about buying a pair of handcuffs?"

    Wen Chuxia closed her eyes, "Perverted."

    Qi Jing was at the door, for fear that someone would come in and see the two of them kissing me and me, Yang Yi had given her an ultimatum, saying that if the two of them could not hold the cabinet door , she had to resign to apologize.

    "Brother Lin, Brother Lin," Qi Jing reminded them, "someone is here."

    Wen Chuxia sat up lazily, put on her mask, and turned her head against the sofa to the other side.

    Lin Huai nodded, "It's enough, my boyfriend can't be trusted."

    Wen Chuxia hooked his hand and took it back before anyone came in.

    The flight was delayed for too long, Lin Huai's buttocks were numb, he kicked Wen Chuxia's feet, "Toilet."

    Wen Chuxia also wanted to go to the toilet, so she got up and followed him.

    No one was in the bathroom, Wen Chuxia pushed the door and walked into a partition, just about to close the door Lin Huai squeezed in.

    Wen Chuxia looked at him, "What are you doing?"

    Lin Huai smiled, "Help you."

    Wen Chuxia: "..."

    The two came back from the bathroom, Qi Jing stared at Wen Chuxia like a searchlight, for fear that there would be traces on him that should not appear.

    Lin Huai hissed, "Aren't you afraid that I'll be jealous if you stare at him like that?"

    Compared to fearing that he would be jealous, Qi Jing was also afraid of being fired, "I have to check if you eat."

    Last time Wen Chuxia went back with erythema, Yang Yi almost lifted the roof, not to mention Qi Jing now, even Wen Chuxia was afraid.

    Wen Chuxia told her, "He didn't do anything to me."

    Qi Jing looked at Lin Huai in disbelief.

    How merciful is this old beast?

    A little girl suddenly ran in with a cup of coffee in her hand.

    "Sister Xinya, I bought the coffee."

    Lin Huai and Wen Chuxia looked back and saw that the person who came in before they went to the toilet was wrapped up even more tightly than them.

    Xin Ya hurriedly put down her phone and pushed the coffee handed over by the assistant, "What's your name?!"

    The coffee in the assistant's hand was not steady, Wen Chuxia took a step back and did not back away, the hem of the down jacket was stained a lot.

    The assistant quickly apologized: "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

    Lin Huai pulled Wen Chuxia away, looked at Xin Ya, who looked like a zongzi with her eyes covered, "You have such a big temper."

    Lin Huai took out the paper and wiped Wen Chuxia's clothes, "What's the candid photo, do you want to share it?"

    Xin Ya’s life was not very good. Just after the broadcast of “Boys Over Flowers”, she was exposed to the negative news of cheating on the two small fresh meat in the circle, and the two small fresh meat also both He came forward to prove that he was hammered and directly hammered her to ashes.

    Xin Ya saw that she was recognized and didn't hide anymore, she took off her sunglasses, "I take pictures casually. Is there a rule that you can't take photos casually in the airport lounge?"

    Xinya stood up and looked at them, "You are more surprising."

    "Where is the accident?" Wen Chuxia asked.

    Xinya held the phone in her hand and glanced at him, "Do you still need me to say it?"

    Wen Chuxia was about to say something, but Lin Huai pulled him, "Tell me, what do you want to delete."

    This is what Xinya wants, "Simple, I have a new song and I need you to do me a favor."

    Lin Huai raised his eyebrows, "You should ask your team to talk to my team about this kind of thing, not me directly."

    Xinya raised her arms and shook her phone intentionally or unintentionally, "You agree with your company, don't you agree?"

    Wen Chuxia suddenly bumped into her wrist, Xinya's hand became numb, Wen Chuxia caught the dropped mobile phone with the other hand and threw it to Lin Huai, "I'm sorry, he doesn't sing to you ."

    Sing a fart, she said it was singing, but in fact she just wanted to clean up the traffic. I really didn't know how she planned her relationship with Lin Huai when I sang with her.

    Lin Huai looked at Wen Chuxia's neat technique and felt that he had discovered a new skill in him.

    Lin Huai deleted the video, "No, you are too embarrassed to use this video to threaten me? There is no content compiled by fans yet. If you want me to help you clean it up, you have to do it anyway. Kind of cool."

    Lin Huai threw the phone to Xinya, "like this."

    Lin Huai tore off Wen Chuxia's mask, put it on it and gave a French tongue kiss, and tickled the tip of her tongue after the kiss.

    Sinya: "..."

    Sinya's Assistant: "..."

    Qi Jing: "..."

    I'm used to seeing it, and there's no trouble.

    Lin Huai helped Wen Chuxia put on the mask again, put his arm on his shoulder, and raised his chin at Xinya, "At least take out this and come to me next time."

    I don’t know when it started, but netizens don’t take Lin Huai as dry food. Fans photographed him at the airport as he walked out of the lounge with Wen Chuxia in his arms, but netizens only took this as an airport road photo , was photographed that they entered the same hotel, and netizens took it for granted.

    Lin Huai suddenly found out that the consequence of bundled sales is that it is a bit difficult to accidentally come out of the closet.

    Yang Yi also discovered this, and gradually became less worried about them kicking the cabinet door, and Wen Chuxia didn't seem to have much desire to announce their relationship.


    -We are satisfied that they are willing to bind and send candy, and it is true love without extravagance.

    -Who cares if it's true or not, I only care if it's sweet enough.

    -How can a dignified summer bend over to only one man? Definitely going to fold a couple more times on a bunch of guys!

    -Seriously, I don't want to see the day when he has an official announcement, so what about my other cps?

      Why do you have to knock Wen Chuxia and others while knocking him?

    Recently, Lin Huai has gradually left the ranks of "best match" with Wen Chuxia. The best match with Wen Chuxia is his "orthopaedic cp" with Tang Zhou.


    "In Your Name" has just aired two episodes, and Wen Chuxia's clean and sunny image was directly called by netizens as the resurrection of Luo Wenyang in the original work.

    Wen Chuxia and several leading actors participated in a variety show in the name of the crew.

    The host asked Wen Chuxia and Tang Zhou to form a group, and Wen Chuxia blurted out and called Tang Zhou "brother".

    [I hit it, I hit it! 】

    【Ouch, this voice is too natural, I'm gone! 】


    【My Yangyang is too cute, Tang Zhou kiss him! 】

    [Press team is online! 】

    The game is over the bar.

    The "In Your Name" crew is compared to another crew.

    The two people sent to participate must hold hands and pass the pole together.

    For the first time, Wen Chuxia passed too fast, Tang Zhou didn't come, and he was dragged and knocked off the pole.

    For the second time, Wen Chuxia slowly watched Tang Zhou's speed and passed the pole with him.

    The round ends and the rod drops a few centimeters.


    Seeing that Tang Zhou was stuck on the pole every time, Wen Chuxia sat on the ground laughing hard.

     "Brother, your waist is not good, do you want me to help you practice?"

    [Tang Zhou, you are finished, Xia Bao thinks your waist is not good! 】

    【Is this going to change? 】

    【Xia Xia, you can do it! 】

    [Counterattack, summer you can! 】

    Lin Huai's trumpet is online again, and as a result, many CP fans who fought alongside him before sent private messages to enlighten him.

      Hanging in a pit, wouldn't it be fragrant to open up a few more pits? 】

    Lin Huai has always known that fans are creatures that fall with the wind. Wherever the wind is stronger, they will fall to which side, but in him, these fans seem not to be like this.

    In the past, when he and Wen Chuxia didn't want to meet at all, these CP fans were jumping for joy, but now they are in a semi-public state, but they don't believe it.

    Lin Huai sent this private message to Qi Jing.

    - Lin Huai: [Why do they think it is impossible for me and Chuxia? ]

    Since Qi Jing's hidden identity was discovered, she has always received some childish questions from Lin Huai.

    -Qi Jing: [Very normal, CP is just an illusion, once it comes true, won’t the illusion be shattered. ]

    Like her, her illusions are now shattered.

    Qi Jing, like those fans, recently got into "orthopedics".

    - Lin Huai: [So you mean you are broken now? !]

    -Qi Jing: [...hee hee. ]

    - Lin Huai: [You won't be here tomorrow! ]

    -Qi Jing: [Brother Lin, I was wrong, I support Huaixia all my life, but can you let me stay in orthopaedics for a few days? I'll be back as soon as the show is over. ]

    -Lin Huai: [...]

    Wen Chuxia had just finished taking a shower, and Lin Huai had just put on his underwear and broke in.

    Wen Chuxia was taken aback, "What are you doing?"

    After Wen Chuxia asked "Why", this bath was destined to be a waste.

    Wen Chuxia was pressed against the bathroom wall, and her shoulder was suddenly bitten, "Lin Huai..."

    Lin Huai kissed the place he just bitten, "Come out."

    Wen Chuxia was dizzy and couldn't hear clearly, "What did you say?"

    Lin Huai put his arms around his waist, "I want to come out and make it public."

    Wen Chuxia looked back, "What kind of wind do you smoke?"

    Lin Huai suddenly stopped, "Why is it a convulsion, don't you want it?"

    Wen Chuxia didn't think about it, and indirectly means she didn't want to, "Yang Yi, Yang Yi won't let me."

    Lin Huai asked: "What about you, do you want to make me public?"

    Wen Chuxia shook her head, "I don't want to, it's so troublesome."

    Lin Huai suddenly pulled out, Wen Chuxia's legs softened and he almost slipped.

    Wen Chuxia turned around, "What happened to you?"

    Lin Huai smiled, "Again?"

    Wen Chuxia was inexplicable, "You suddenly..."

    Lin Huai interrupted him, "Wen Chuxia."

    It's been a long time since I heard him call his name with full beard and full tail, Wen Chuxia was a little confused, "Well, there."

    Lin Huai looked at him, "Do you really like me? Or do you treat me the same as others, except that I have more options for sleeping than others."

    Wen Chuxia frowned: "Are you sick."

    Lin Huai said: "I may be sick, isn't it a sickness to bend myself."

    Wen Chuxia really didn't have the skill of coaxing people, Lin Huai went crazy for no reason, and he also got angry after two sentences.

    Lin Huai left after half the work, which made Wen Chuxia feel very annoyed. After taking a shower, he saw Lin Huai dressed and went out with the car keys.

    Tomorrow Spring Festival, Wen Chuxia had promised to take Lin Huai back with her family, but she had not had time to tell Lin Huai.

    Wen Chuxia went downstairs angrily and slipped down the stairs without stepping on her feet.

    Ass bounced for several steps, just gave up halfway, and now it comes again, he feels that he may have a bit of anal-fissure.


    However, the most painful thing is not the buttocks, but the feet.

    He tried to stand up, but found that his ankle couldn't move at all.

    He frowned and glanced at the door, Lin Huai left, and it seemed that he would not come back.

    With the mobile phone in the room, Wen Chuxia climbed upstairs in a strange posture and slowly returned to the room.

    The first thing I did when I picked up the phone was to call Lin Huai, but the bereaved dog didn't answer.

    Wen Chuxia had severe ankle pain, so she could only call Qi Jing.

    It was ten o'clock in the evening, and when Qi Jing came by taxi, she saw Wen Chuxia kneeling on the ground with her upper body on the bed, as if she had been silenced.

    Qi Jing was frightened and came in quickly, "Brother Chuxia, are you all right?"

    Qi Jing came too slowly, Wen Chuxia squinted in this position for a while, then looked back at Qi Jing with sleepy eyes, "I have a swollen foot and can't move, please take me to the hospital. ."

    Qi Jing breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "Where's Brother Lin?"

    Speaking of Lin Huaiwen in early summer, he was angry, "Go to the crematorium to activate yourself, leave him alone."

    Wen Chuxia, who was in the New Year's Eve, fell on her foot, and the fall was quite serious. The doctor said that she had a slight fracture.

    Qi Jing called Yang Yi, Yang Yi called Wen Han, and Wen Han went to the hospital to pick up Wen Chuxia at two in the morning.

    "What's the matter with you?" Wen Han looked at his foot with a large plaster cast while driving, "Why didn't Lin Huai come with you?"

    Wen Chuxia became more and more angry, "Forget it."

    Wen Han frowned, "Did he bully you?"

    Wen Chuxia was afraid that Wen Han would take care of Lin Huai, so she quickly said, "No, it's just a quarrel, and I got angry and left him."

    Wen Han really believed it, "Your ability to irritate people is really the same as that of the past, and you still quarrel when the New Year's Eve is big."

    It wasn't him who was looking for trouble.

    Wen Chuxia asked Wen Han: "Brother, if I open up to Lin Huai, will it be bad?"

    Wen Han glanced at him, "How long have you two been together before you go public? You are uncertain, you might get tired of it in a few days, if you come out publicly and then break up, you should be Is this a game?"

    Although it makes sense, Wen Chuxia said, "Don't curse me, I won't break up with him."

    Wen Han said: "With what I know about you, it may not be."

    Wen Chuxia asked: "I'm so uncertain and look so insecure?"

    After all, Wen Han is a few years older than him, and he always looks like he is looking at a child, Wen Han said: "Do you know how many CPs you have on the Internet? I only know about seven Ba Lu, I'm really afraid that one day you will come back and tell me, 'Brother, I've changed my partner'."

    Wen Chuxia: "..."

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