Lin Huai returned to the dormitory,  Zhou Qing was indeed there.

    Zhou Qing sat alone in the living room and saw Lin Huai coming back, and asked,  "You didn't come back last night."

    Lin Huai promised Wen Chuxia to ignore him and went back to the room.

    Lin Huai packed up some clothes,  got the tablet and computer,  when he came out, Zhou Qing stood at his door like a grudge, "You are going where?"

    Lin Huai still ignored him.

    Zhou Qing followed him to the door,  "Are you going to move out? Go to the summer?"

    Lin Huai paused when he changed his shoes,  He looked back at Zhou Qing, "I don't need to report to you where I go, I can tell you if you want to know so much. , yes,  I lived at summer yesterday,  now I'm going there, I can answer the question you asked me yesterday,  no."

    Are you still a teammate with summer?


    The question that Lin Huai couldn't answer yesterday, now he can answer him decisively.

    Zhou Qing was not surprised after hearing this, "Does summer know?"

    Lin Huai glared at him, "Nonsense,  He doesn't know that I sing a one-man show by myself?"

    Zhou Qing didn't speak anymore, and Lin Huai didn't want to listen to him anymore.

    Insane, he is in a relationship and asks his partner if he knows, he is full of shit!

    Out the door,  Lin Huai thinks what Wen Chuxia said is right, Zhou Qing is a little nervous, so far he has not said anything,   ;Wen Chuxia is also like wood, no one else can see what is between them, but he does.

    I feel terrified when I think about it, is this person staring at them all day?

    The news of Lin Huai's withdrawal from the season broke out, and the reaction was as expected.

    Wen Chuxia left the group before, but now even Lin Huai has left, leaving Zhou Qing and Huo Ziqiu, is their season still a season?

    [email protected]Zhou Qing: People go to high places, and any behavior aimed at the future is worthy of blessing.

    At first glance, Zhou Qing's Weibo looks like a blessing. Compared with Huo Ziqiu who didn't post anything, he is a little more understanding, but you can take a closer look. Where is this blessing, what is it? Future-oriented behavior?


    Lin Huai looked at Weibo, "It's been very subtle."

    Wen Chuxia also felt the same way, "I'm not sure how uncomfortable it is."

    Lin Huai glanced at him, "Do you care about him?"

    Wen Chuxia told the truth: "A little sympathy."

    Lin Huai was suddenly upset, "I was arranged by his Weibo, you don't sympathize with me, do you sympathize with him?"

    Wen Chuxia found that Lin Huai said some strange things at every turn these days. Even if he didn't sympathize with Zhou Qing, he wouldn't sympathize with him, right? I'm just a bystander, okay?

    Lin Huai is not finished yet, "Why don't you speak?"

    Wen Chuxia had nothing to say, "Huh?"

    "Ah what?" Lin Huai glanced at him.

    Wen Chuxia: "..."

    What are you talking about? ? ?

    Yang Yi came over at night and told Lin Huai not to conflict with Zhou Qing, Zhou Qing's business company would handle it.

    Lin Huai asked her how to deal with it, Yang Yi hesitated for a long time, and finally said that he might terminate the contract.

    As for the company's termination of the contract with him, he proposed it himself, Yang Yi did not elaborate.

    Lin Huai didn't bother to care about people like Zhou Qing, just a Weibo.

    Lin Huai lived in Wen Chuxia for several days, but it was rented. The news of leaving the group has been announced, and Lin Huai directly mentioned to Yang Yi about moving out.

    Yang Yi also felt that it was not safe for him to continue living with Zhou Qing, "I also mentioned this to the company, and I am already arranging a new place for you."

    Lin Huai said: "Don't be so troublesome, I live here."

    Yang Yi glanced at Wen Chuxia unexpectedly, "Have you two discussed it?"

    It's not a discussion, but Lin Huai mentioned it, and Wen Chuxia didn't object.

    Wen Chuxia nodded, "Yes."

    Lin Huai likes to see his docile appearance, he prefers his honest nodding rather than the endless babble.

    Lin Huai rubbed his head in a rewarding manner, and Wen Chuxia's head was rubbed low by him.

    "Tsk, why do you keep messing with my head?" Wen Chuxia recovered from his illness and did not recognize anyone, so he avoided his hand and moved to the side.

    Seeing that the two of them have a good relationship recently, Yang Yi is relieved, "The company of the two of you is still arranging, before that, I want you to expose a little bit, just as the director of "Flowers" is looking for me He said he wanted to invite you as guests, what do you think?"

    Wen Chuxia asked: "When?"

    Yang Yi said: "After forty to twenty, about two weeks later, the specific time has not yet been determined, I will ask you two for your opinion first."

    Wen Chuxia looked at Lin Huai, Lin Huai nodded, "I have no opinion."

    Lin Huai asked Wen Chuxia, "How about you?"

    Wen Chuxia said, "I just want to go back and see them."

    After Yang Yi left, Lin Huai blocked Wen Chuxia in front of the refrigerator, "Who do you want to see when you go back?"

    Wen Chuxia was startled by him, "Anxu and them."

    Lin Huai frowned, "Can you be a little more conscious, don't always think about others."

    Others, are you referring to Anxu?

    Wen Chuxia's gossip started, and she couldn't restrain her smile, "Are you jealous?"

    I don't usually see anyone who caters to him. When laughing at him, he is so interested. Lin Huai raised his hand against the refrigerator behind him, "Well, don't let me?"

    Wen Chuxia sneaked under his arm, "Rang Rang, don't worry, I have no idea about him, and I will never let you bother."

    "You are sensible." To reward him, Lin Huai asked, "What would you like to eat at night?"

    Wen Chuxia shouted: "Braised pork!"

    Lin Huai said, "It's been three days, so it's the same."

    Wen Chuxia ran out and ran back, clawed at the kitchen door and said, "Braised elbow."

    Lin Huai said funny: "Braised and warm in early summer."

    The mountain village program with Wen Chuxia and Lin Huai was broadcast.

    At the beginning of the shot, Wen Chuxia got out of the car and Lin Huai supported him.

    The barrage is like a flock of chicks waiting to be fed, one by one endlessly.

    Wen Chuxia looked at herself on the show and wanted to kill herself: "I was this miserable then?"

    It's too miserable, her face is ugly as if she just came out of the ICU, and it looks more like being supported by Lin Huai.

    Lin Huai said: "Not only that, it's even worse when you are paralyzed on top of me."

    Sure enough, the more you go inside, the more Wen Chuxia leans against Lin Huai like he has no bones. Wen Chuxia sees black lines all over his head, but Lin Huai finds it funny.

    Arrived at the place where I lived, opened the door, the barrage style changed—

     ! 】

    [The show team is ruthless! ! 】

    【What is this Shura Field? 】

    [Summer's three official CPs, some of them have read it now! 】


    [Pei Cen went there for Wen Chuxia. 】

    [Will there be a fight? The three giants fight for Wen Chuxia! 】

    Wen Chuxia looked at the barrage and frowned, "What's the mess?"

    Lin Huai snorted while leaning on the back of the sofa, "You didn't cause it yourself."

    Wen Chuxia didn't know what his yin and yang was, so he ignored him.

    In the program, Liang Jing saw Wen Chuxia, and his joy was beyond words. The barrage began to brush Wen Chuxia and Liang Jing.

    Wen Chuxia was still in the mood to laugh at others, "Pei Cen and Liang Jing will definitely watch it too, tsk tsk tsk, Pei Cen will not be sore when he sees the barrage?"

    Lin Huai gave him a sideways glance.

    You are still in the mood to care whether others are sour or not, and I am quite sour, can't you see?

    The four of them went to find the ingredients after they divided the tasks for the next day's study. Wen Chuxia came downstairs, walked around the yard, picked up the bamboo basket and went out. Saying "go for dinner".

    The barrage burst into laughter...  

    He went to a house first, walked to the door and glanced inside before leaving.

    I changed a house and looked again.

    Wen Chuxia didn't enter until the third house.

    As soon as I entered the program group, I made a few close-ups of the smoked chicken and bacon hanging on the beam.

    Wen Chuxia sat cross-legged on the sofa and looked at the tablet seriously.

    Lin Huai inserted an orange and handed it to his mouth, "Why didn't you enter the two houses before?"

    Wen Chuxia took the orange and frowned sourly, "No meat."

    Lin Huai guessed it.

    It really is a carnivore.

    Wen Chuxia first said hello to grandma when she entered the door. The grandma is very approachable. Wen Chuxia first praised grandma's yard for being beautiful, and grandma's beautiful flowerbed, and finally praised grandma's clothes. It's good-looking. After a round of praise, I cut to the point and asked about the meat hanging on the beam of the house. Then, step by step, I seduced my grandmother to fill his basket with food.

    【Hahahaha, Wen Chuxia can do it! 】

    [Mr. Xia teaches online, have you all learned it? 】

    [First, praise first when you enter the door, praise where you catch it, and then ask if this is delicious? 】



    After a while, Lin Huai and the others came over.

    Three people have two tomatoes, four eggs, a little flour and a little rice. Compared with Wen Chuxia, it is indeed a bit shabby.

    Fire and cook, Lin Huai was only concerned about washing vegetables and lighting the fire with Pei Cen at the time, and didn't pay attention to what Wen Chuxia and Liang Jing were doing in the kitchen. After watching the show, I realized that these two guys are indeed It's burning the kitchen.

    Who lit the fire on the ground and stuffed it into the stove?

    Liang Jing: "It burned my hair."

    Wen Chuxia said domineeringly: "Go back, I'll come!"

    【Are these two Hanhan playing with fire? 】

    【Hahahaha "I'm coming!" summer protects his wife online! 】

    【Help, hahahaha, Lin Huai, come and see your summer! 】


    [No, what can they do with the certificate, burn the house and play hhhh! 】

    By the end of the burn, I couldn't see the end, and the cameraman Wen Chuxia and Liang Jing couldn't stand it and ran out after a while from the kitchen.

    "Little bastard, you set fire to my kitchen?" The old man walked in aggressively.

    Liang Jing: "We didn't set fire."

    Wen Chuxia: "I'm not a little bunny."

    [The focus of summer is really good. 】

    [Not a little brat, but it is indeed burning the kitchen! 】

    Lin Huai laughed softly.

    Wen Chuxia turned to stare at him, "Is it funny?"

    Lin Huai handed him another orange, Wen Chuxia frowned, "It's sour."

    Lin Huai didn't force him, he brought a fork with an orange and put it into his mouth.

    Wen Chuxia stared at the fork, saw that he inserted another piece, and continued to eat.

    Is this fork used for the piece he just ate?

    After that, Wen Chuxia's bickering with the fierce old man became a highlight. At first, the barrage was saying that the old man had a bad character and deliberately made things difficult. Later, the barrage gradually began to sympathize with the old man.

    It's not easy at such an old age to meet such a hippie and smiling machine gun as Wen Chuxia.

    The next morning, Wen Chuxia insisted on teaching Mr. Qiu Tai Chi.

    "I am Tai Chi 8 dan!"

    "My Tai Chi 10th Dan!"

    "Where did Tai Chi come from?"

    "Where did your eight paragraphs come from?"

    "I made it up!"



    【Wen Chuxia, as expected of you! 】




    【Is it bad to be a person? 】

    Wen Chuxia got angry with the old man, ate breakfast, Wen Chuxia and An Xu went to the old man to learn silver art, and asked Wen Chuxia if he wanted to make two rings. Almost bald head.

    【I feel like my dream is broken. 】

    [My cp may be BE  . 】

    【Lao Yue broke all the steel bars, I beg you, be sensible! 】

    Lin Huai felt the same way.

    He thought that Wen Chuxia didn't do two because he was embarrassed, but as a result, so many people persuaded him to do two, but he refused with one excuse and another.

    Very good, you are so lazy!

    Back that night, Wen Chuxia laughed at Lin Huai's wooden sign as a tombstone, and the barrage twitched.

    [Help, who will save the child! 】

    【Lin Huai's expression is as if he had eaten a fly! 】

    【Why did you meet such a fool as Wen Chuxia, and sympathize with Lin Huai. 】


    Wen Chuxia and Liang Jing have been together for two consecutive days, and their CP fans are rampant.

    The next day, Wen Chuxia made the ring and showed it off in front of the camera. It turned out that it was too big and could only be put on the thumb, like a wrench that unifies the rivers and lakes.

    He went to the place where Lin Huai and Pei Cen were making woodcarvings to show his little-known talents, Guzheng and Pipa.

    There is a [! ! 】

    【What kind of treasure is Wen Chuxia? 】

    【What else do you have that we don't know? 】

    [Excessive, why did such a baby hide and tuck before? 】

    [Bet: Who will get this treasure in the end? 】

    Lin Huai raised his eyebrows at the barrage.


    He looked at Wen Chuxia, who was giggling while watching the show, where was the treasure, he looked like an ignorant fool.

    After so many days, the two of them have not made any progress, Wen Chuxia is not taking the initiative at all, even the same as usual, just because he said to try?

    You have to try something.

    Lin Huai was a little worried.


     Don't you think it's too much?

    Lin Huai straightened his legs and patted, "Do you want to lie down?"

    Wen Chuxia's brain circuit is so straightforward, "How can I watch TV while lying down?"

    Lin Huai thought for a while, "Yes."

    Then the two continued to watch TV.

    The program is divided into three episodes. At the end of this episode, Liang Jing said that Lin Huai was injured. As a result, Wen Chuxia found that Lin Huai only had a thorn in his hand.

    Pull out the thorns, Wen Chuxia clapped her hands and said sarcastically, "It's gratifying."

    Then Lin Huai threw down the peach pegs he had been working on for two days and left.

    The show ended in a bleak regret.

    This show was on the hot search that night #我的华夏BE#

    Followed by the second hot search #Going down I can#

    Lin Huai:  …

    I can't!

    Lin Huai posted a Weibo.

    [email protected]: Huaixia it is true.

    After watching the show, Wen Chuxia went to Weibo to see what new tricks he had made on the hot search, and then saw this post by Lin Huai.

    Wen Chuxia looked at Lin Huai suddenly: "Are you sick?"

    Lin Huai was inexplicable, "You want to die?"

    Wen Chuxia put the phone in front of him, "What are you doing?"

    Lin Huai glanced at it and was stunned.

    Fuck, forgot to switch accounts!

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