Wen Chuxia was so ill that everyone knew about their temporary dance change.

    Zhou Qing was in a different group from Huo Ziqiu this round, so he came to Huo Ziqiu, "Let's go have a look."

    Huo Ziqiu was not interested, "Why, you also want to learn Lin Huai? I advise you to save, you don't see that the company intends to put the two of them together, and doesn't even consider us. the way back?"

    The big snake hits three inches and stabs people in the heart. Zhou Qing is taboo and Huo Ziqiu stabs the knife in the heart.

    Being together for more than a year, no matter how steady Zhou Qing is, Huo Ziqiu can find some clues from his calm expression.

    Huo Ziqiu deliberately asked: "You don't see such an obvious thing, do you?"

    Zhou Qing saw that it was one thing, and was reminded that something was wrong, "I see it, so what? Can't you work hard the day after you are born with insufficiency? Do you have to give up on yourself?"

    Huo Ziqiu snorted, "Then go ahead, I didn't stop you."

    Jiang Wuya came out of the practice room and glanced at Zhou Qing, "Huo Ziqiu, I'll wait for you, how long will it take?"

    "Come here." Huo Ziqiu smiled at Zhou Qing, "Come on."

    Huo Ziqiu and Jiang Wuya returned to the practice room.

    The music student in the practice room sounded, and Zhou Qing glanced at the door.

    Before Wen Chuxia and Jiang Wuya had a lot of trouble because of choreography, he wondered if Wen Chuxia really knew how to choreograph, so he went to watch the "South Wind Smile" group, and now he is watching Huo Ziqiu and the others are dancing... Zhou Qing frowned, why is their dance so similar to Wen Chuxia's group's dance?

    At the end of the day, Lin Huai, who had never lost her temper with An Xu, couldn't help it, "I now know how Wen Chuxia has a high fever of forty degrees and a hoarse voice. "

    An Xu glanced at Lin Huai cautiously, "Because of me?"

    Lin Huai said loudly, "Is it because of me?"

    An Xu lowered her shoulders and muttered softly, "Xia Xia never killed me."

    Speaking of which, Lin Huai was still puzzled, "I really don't know where he got his good temper, he has changed!"

    The mutant Wen Chuxia slept in the hospital for a day and just woke up.

    Yang Yi was standing on the left side of the hospital bed, and Qi Jing was sitting on the right side. Qi Jing was okay, the little girl was asking for warmth. Yang Yi was a woman who was almost forty years old.

    "What kind of meat do you eat with your throat! Give me some porridge!"

    Wen Chuxia didn't want to drink, so he wanted to argue a few words, but the moment he opened his mouth, his voice was hoarse, and his momentum instantly dropped a bit, "I don't want to drink porridge."

    Yang Yi doesn't care if he wants to: "If you don't drink it, you have to drink it!"

    Wen Chuxia has been lying in the hospital for more than a year, and the smell of the hospital has a shadow, he discussed with Yang Yi, "I don't want to be hospitalized, can I..."

    "I can't!" Yang Yi stifled his thoughts, "Don't want to be hospitalized? If you don't want to be hospitalized, don't let the ambulance come here, look at your current appearance, I don't know if you are going to participate in the The team competition thought I sent you to the labor camp!"

    Wen Chuxia: "..."

    You can't talk to me, right?

    Yang Yi stared at him and asked, "Aren't you convinced?"

    "Fu." Wen Chuxia couldn't quarrel with her, so he said in a good voice, "But it will be recorded the day after tomorrow, and I must go back tomorrow."

    Yang Yi's cell phone rang, she said as she walked out, "We'll talk about tomorrow's affairs tomorrow, just stay here for me today."

    Yang Yi answered the phone, "Hello, Zhou Qing?"

    The door of the ward blocked Yang Yi's voice.

    Wen Chuxia looked at Qi Jing, Qi Jing said quickly, "Brother Chuxia, don't look at me, Sister Yang won't let you eat meat."

    If you don't eat, don't eat, Wen Chuxia has a fever and has no appetite: "What time is it?"

    Qi Jing glanced at her phone, "It's almost eight o'clock."

    Wen Chuxia: "Do you have Lin Huai's phone number?"

    Qi Jing nodded: "There is WeChat."

    In the corridor, Yang Yi shouted, "Steal a dance?"

    Yang Yi asked, "You said that Huo Ziqiu was also in the dance group?"

    The words were said by Zhou Qing, and he tried to cover it up after speaking, "He probably doesn't know."

    What kind of person Huo Ziqiu is? Yang Yi knows that he is not a fool.

    Yang Yi asked, "Does Lin Huai know about this?"

    Zhou Qing didn't want to give Lin Huai any credit, "Should know."

    Yang Yi was furious: "What's wrong with him? Let him take care of people. If they don't take care of them well, they don't tell me anything!"

    Yang Yi hung up the phone and returned to the ward.

    Qi Jing just coaxed Wen Chuxia to drink a mouthful of porridge, when Yang Yi entered the door, Wen Chuxia fiercely said, "You are still in the mood to eat!"

    Wen Chuxia: "..." Didn't you let me eat?

    Yang Yi asked him, "Zhou Qing just called and said that your group's dance was stolen. Is it true?"

    Wen Chuxia thought it was Lin Huai who told her about this, but she didn't expect it to be Zhou Qing.

    Yang Yi frowned, "Is this also related to Huo Ziqiu?"

    Since the incident happened, he didn't have time to think about who it was related to, Wen Chuxia said, "I don't know."


    What does he have to do with zombies?

    Wen Chuxia asked: "Why?"

    Yang Yi glared at him, "Because zombies eat brains, you don't!"

    Wen Chuxia: "...then I'd rather not."

    At one o'clock in the morning, Lin Huai glanced at the phone, only a message from Qi Jing, signed Wen Chuxia.

    An Xu lay on the ground exhausted, "Brother Lin Huai, what are you looking at?"

    Lin Huai picked up the phone, "Go back to sleep today, Wen Chuxia said he will be back tomorrow morning."

    An Xu got up quickly when she heard it was Wen Chuxia, "What else did Xiaxia say?"

    Lin Huai felt awkward when he heard him call Xia Xia, "How good is your relationship?"

    An Xu said: "Yes, he treats me so well!"

    Lin Huai was inexplicably sour, "Does he know how to write good characters?"

    An Xu blinked at him, "Brother Lin Huai, are you jealous?"

    Lin Huai: "Am I jealous of him?"

    An Xu stood up, "No, you are jealous of me."

    Lin Huai: "..." Fart!

    Anxu only slept for four hours and got up early in the morning to practice.

    Since Lin Huai took over the pot, before Wen Chuxia came back, he could only follow this group of people from morning to night, but fortunately he lived up to expectations.

    Wen Chuxia was soft and hard for a morning, and finally asked Yang Yi to promise him to return to the base.

    It was noon when I returned to the base. At the door of the practice room, An Xu ran out: "Xiaxia, you are back!"

    Hearing An Xu calling him that, Wen Chuxia still had a tingling scalp, "Well, come back, how is your practice?"

    An Xu said: "In order not to let you go to the hospital in vain, of course I am very diligent!"

    Lin Huai rolled his eyes, he was still on the same foot last night, if it wasn't for him, they wouldn't be on stage tomorrow!

    Yu Le asked, "Brother summer, are you feeling better?"

    Wen Chuxia's fever subsided, but her voice was still hoarse, "Much better."

    Wen Chuxia asked Qi Jing to pack food from the hotel and bring it back, "I haven't eaten yet, I bought it for you."

    Yu Le was excited: "Wow, summer, you are the best!"

    Wen Chuxia distributed the takeout to them, and he still had one in his hand. He glanced at Lin Huai, who was leaning against the door with his arms folded in a low-key but conspicuous manner, "Are you still there?"

    Lin Huai thought he was blind, so he didn't look at himself for a long time, "Yeah."

    Wen Chuxia didn't expect him to be here at this time: "Have you eaten yet?"

    Lin Huai felt that he was talking nonsense: "What do you say?"

    Wen Chuxia glanced at the meal left in her hand, "This, let's eat it for you."

    He helped him all day, what kind of lukewarm attitude?

    Lin Huai found fault, "Give me the rest?"

    "It's not the rest." Wen Chuxia said, "This is mine."

    Lin Huai laughed angrily, "So you didn't take me with you, did you?"

    Wen Chuxia never thought that he would continue to help until now. The recording will be recorded tomorrow, and there will be rehearsal today. Lin Huai's group of seventeen people will also practice for the big project.

    Wen Chuxia put the rice into Lin Huai's hand.

    Lin Huai returned the food, "I don't eat the sick meal. If you want to thank me, I will come with me next round."

    Wen Chuxia was curious, "You want to be with me so much?"

     Lin Huai didn't know how to answer this question, "Well, think, An Xu said that you are very kind to him, and I also want to see how you are kind to others. "

    Wen Chuxia felt that there was a thunderbolt cracking open from his Tianling cover, instantly splitting him in two, so that he would never survive.

    How could Anxu say such a thing to him?

    He must have misunderstood something?

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