A Simulation Game of the Heavens Starting From Marvel

A Simulation Game of the Heavens Starting From Marvel


139 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 10 hours ago


(Main World: Marvel)

(Current simulation order: Demon Slayer → One Piece → Bleach → Naruto → Fate → Elden Ring → Overlord → To be determined)


He can simulate life in any other world and gain power from it.

Before each simulation starts, there is a high probability of drawing rare talents!

Color talent: [World Creator]: You can change the rules of this world at will, you are immortal and the creator of the world!

Golden Talent: [Fader]: Immortal and immortal, the unblessed who was abandoned by death and immortality at the same time, the destined king!

Red talent: [Destined to draw]: When you play cards or draw a lottery, you will definitely get what you want!

Purple Talent: [I am the Empress]: You are destined to become the empress of this world, with dreadful talents, unparalleled strength, and more powerful and loyal subordinates, who will expand your territory and compete in the world for you!

A god-level talent is dazzling.

More importantly, these talents can be brought into the real world, and even abilities can be extracted!

“What kind of superhero is this!”

“Enjoy the beauty of another world, isn’t it fragrant!”

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